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What makes Florista Malmo unique? I like to think of Florista as a backlash towards traditional flower shops. There’s a very contemporary and relaxed feel to it, but at the same time quite dramatic and intriguing. Also I like to have flowers and plants that you simply won’t find anywhere else. There’s a unique selection of flowers every week since I choose them depending on what mood I’m in or what I’m feeling inspired by at the moment. Sophie Wiking, Floral stylist and graphic designer about Florista's design: "I knew i wanted this really dark and mysterious surrounding, partly because i knew it would not only stand out from most flower shops, but it would also make the flowers “pop” from the dark green walls. I’m also very inspired by Dutch golden age paintings, which usually have a very dark background and vases overflowing with flowers. So that’s the kind of feeling I went for. All of the interior in the shop (except for the shelves, a bench and three vases) was bought second hand. I just went to all kinds of vintage shops and flea markets and stocked up on boxes, chairs, buckets, vases, bottles, you name it. And since I wanted to create a shop with a sustainable approach I thought there was no better way than to shop second hand. That was probably the most fun part I had while opening up the shop. I also focused a lot on creating a quite rough feeling to the shop, because with the more contrast to the tenderness of the flowers, the more the flowers will attract attention. I also made the tiles for the counter myself, since I couldn’t find any that I liked. Nowadays I see all different kinds of green tiles everywhere since it’s become trendy, but back then I found them impossible to find. So I bought these rather cheap, plain white tiles, and experimented with spray paint and mineral turpentine to make it speckled, and I’m very happy with the result. The countertop in brass was made by a friend of a friend who’s a welder, and I just love that the more it ages the more beautiful it becomes.

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Florista Malmo Kärleksgatan 4, 211 45 Malmö, Zweden

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