The #TOTF2022 Winter Edition is Here

The Thursd Online Trade Fair (#TOTF2022) is an online-only exhibition. And the most important online floriculture fair globally.
Jan 18 | 3 min read | Events

Tulip Mania - The Rich History of the Tulip

No flower marks the start of a new season and new beginnings quite like the tulip does. But did you know that a few stolen bulbs led to an entire tulip mania?
Jan 18 | 4 min read | Flowers

Simply Together!

Simply Calla has launched a fresh new inspirational website to bring inspiration and the calla-experiences of florists together.
Jan 18 | 3 min read | Events

Skins Created by Brazilian Artist Melissa Meier

How Melissa Meier's wearable "Skins" blend female empowerment and brings them to life.
Jan 17 | 2 min read | Art

Design in a Sustainable Way With Sideau®

Let’s change the world together with a plastic-free floral block, your 100% biodegradable floral foam alternative.
Jan 17 | 3 min read | Essentials

What is Valentine's Day 2022 Going to Bring Us?

No matter which trend you choose on Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is that nothing else can better express affection than flowers.
Jan 18 | 5 min read | Valentine

These Are the Perfect Pink Roses From de Ruiter for Your Pretty Valentine

You can't go wrong with this selection, since the color of Cloud Nine is PINK!
Jan 17 | 3 min read | Flowers

What's New From Koppe Begonia?

Bringing begonia to a higher level with new wondrous varieties and wonderful colors.
Jan 16 | 3 min read | Events

That Flower Feeling Campaign Started

In an effort to get more Americans enjoying more flowers, more often, Calflowers initiated a remarkable campaign.
Jan 16 | 2 min read | Flowers

1,000 Trees Building Opens in Shanghai

British designer Thomas Heatherwick has unveiled a plant-covered shopping center in Shanghai that incorporates over 1,000 trees and 250,000 plants.
Jan 14 | 3 min read | Architecture

The Indoor Hydrangea Promotion Campaign Has Started

Focus for HydrangeaWorld is on consumers and specialist trade in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.
Jan 13 | 2 min read | Houseplants

Button Up With These 8 Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs

Watch these star-shaped flowers perform in wonderful floral artworks.
Jan 13 | 2 min read | Floral Designers

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