Raija Jokinen Echoes the Natural Shapes of Botanics and Anatomy in Flax Figures Flowers are the greatest addition to any piece, including these sculptural anatomical flax figures.
Aug 11 | 3 min read
Rose Red Jack by Decofresh Is the Floral Designers’ New Obsession Renown floral designers have a new rose favorite featuring stunning hues of red and a bold pink color. Keep reading to meet this unique beauty!
Aug 11 | 4 min read
Kwekerij Chrywijk Partners up With Floritec to Grow Santini Maverick Dutch quality grower aims for heavier and stronger santinis with more flowers per stem
Aug 18 | 2 min read
PBR InterTrading Fine-Tunes Growth Regulating Prescriptions for Breeders and Growers The Unique Selling Point of a leading manufacturer and supplier of horticultural plant rooting and growth stimulants.
Aug 08 | 1 min read
Naranjo Roses - Follow the Frog It's a hashtag too: #FollowTheFrog. But what does this mean, and how does this Ecuadorian farm contribute to a more just and resilient future?
Aug 06 | 2 min read
Create a Wow With These 10 Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets Lighten up your garden with these fantastic hanging flowers, ready to conquer your gardens all year round.
Aug 11 | 4 min read
10 Best Bedroom Plants to Decorate Your Room With While these plants will purify the air in your room, they'll also be in charge of adding extra life, color, volume and brightness.
Aug 11 | 5 min read
Talented Artist Mona Caron Branches Out a Massive Limonium Flower Mural on a Building Floral murals are here to remind us of the beauty and immense power of nature. Check out the latest, and most beautiful Limonium mural.
Aug 11 | 3 min read
Golden Honeycomb Makes a Statement in Ava Roth’s Intricately Beaded and Embroidered Motifs Explore the intersection between human art using embroidering and beading techniques along with queen bees.
Aug 11 | 3 min read
It Takes Vision and Sometimes That’s Hard to Find I love to talk about floristry and life. And about how creativity brings you where you want to be, where you need to be.
Aug 05 | 3 min read
Alepel - Unique Hand-Painted Florals on Shoes and Accessories This Latin American brand is here to show you the best of fashion and nature's mix.
Aug 03 | 3 min read
5 Ways to Preserve Wedding Flowers Keep your wedding memories and flowers with you for a very long time with some of the most creative methods.
Aug 11 | 4 min read

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