Sustainability: Why Top Designers Find Ease in Incorporating Decorum Products in their Designs
Top Designers Show the Way to Sustainability Working with Decorum products on big events inspires florists to make more conscious choices.
​Porta Nova’s ‘Perfectly Green’ Rose Red Naomi Sustainably Produced With Green Consciousness.
Enhanced Green Consciousness in Cultivating the Perfect Rose Red Naomi Porta Nova's sustainability efforts just got a notch higher with its latest innovative approaches.
Fair Flora Has Its First Sustainability-Labeled Plants Purchased by First Exporter
First Sustainably Grown Fair Flora-Labeled Plants Purchased by Exporter A label that aims to ensure that plants and floral products are sustainably produced.
Jan 17 | 4 min read
​B​looms out of the Box's sustainable BloomsBoxes for your plants
BloomsBox Is That Sustainable Gift Box You’ll Want to Bestow Someone This is an environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use wooden box without piles of packaging and plastic material to ship plants.

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