Top Designers Show the Way to Sustainability

Working with Decorum products on big events inspires florists to make more conscious choices.

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Sustainability: Why Top Designers Find Ease in Incorporating Decorum Products in their Designs

Decorum, the premium brand of more than 50 Dutch growers; all of whom are family-owned businesses, is known for its top-notch plant and floral products. These growers, many of whom are third or fourth-generation, all work hard to cultivate the most beautiful plants and flowers while prioritizing quality.

However, in addition to its product quality, Decorum also prioritizes innovation and, most importantly, a sustained commitment to sustainability. Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability are, in principle, the three pillars upon which Decorum’s success is built. And this is how the brand intends to maintain its growth.

Floral designers notice this as well and are fond of using products from the Decorum label not only for their quality but also for the attention to people and planet. This is one example of how they meet and enforce each other in a setting like the recent IPM trade fair in Essen, Germany. An example that is not just meant to show the beauty of Decorum products, but also to inspire florists and consumers to make more conscious choices.


Decorum Sustainable Designers quote on Thursd


Decorum, a Sustainable Brand

A crucial pillar in Decorum’s success story, sustainability is, by all means, an important element in today’s fast-evolving floral landscape. All of the brand’s growers have at least an MPS-A certification, enhancing the label’s sustainability ideals.


Decorum IPM Essen 2024 Renate Hoogendoorn
Decorum at the 2024 IPM in Essen, Germany


Across the world, consumers of different plants and flowers are conscious of the floral products’ sustainability standards. Many, for instance, want to know how sustainably these products are produced on farms, and how they are processed and delivered to them. 

Nowadays, customers are also keen on the greenhouse emissions when producing these plants and flowers, the energy resources applied, employee well-being, minimal waste of resources, and all other factors that make a brand sustainable. Yet, Decorum, knowing the importance of this concept, prides itself on practically accomplishing all that is required to ensure sustainability


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum



“Sustainability has become a crucial aspect in various sectors, including our growers. Environmentally conscious production, such as the use of cleaner energy, peat-free potting soil, and organic crop protection, is important to Decorum. In addition to a sustainable production process, our growers are committed to continuous improvement.”

At all the brand’s growers’ facilities, sustainable production has been realized through different approaches, all based on its six sustainability ideals. These are sustainable energy use, water reuse, certification, reduced plastic use, biological pest control, and corporate social responsibility. For instance, they all use organic fertilizers and pesticides for sustainable cultivation. Such natural products reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum
A commitment to the cause of taking care of the environment.


Several Decorum growers also have pets - and chickens as well - freely roaming their greenhouses, helping to control unwelcome insect pests and maintain a clean nursery environment. There are, also, efficient water management practices, including drip irrigation and ebb-and-flow systems for bottom watering, all of which minimize water consumption.

Furthermore, sustainable energy sources are used by all growers, such as solar panels and LED lighting, which reduce emissions. Decorum growers, also, consciously minimize the use of plastic and non-sustainable materials, using recycled plastic to make their labels and pots. 


Decorum Plants and Flowers


Sustainable Practices Attract Top Designers to Decorum Products

Virtually all of the Decorum brand’s growers’ processes are, therefore, practically sustainable. And this, more than explains why different renowned floral designers are keen on and comfortable working with the brand's floral products. They, naturally, know what these products are all about when it comes to sustainability!

And by the same token, Decorum goes all the way in ensuring that it affords these designers - and any others - the right consciously-produced floral products for their designs. This has been showcased on numerous occasions. After all, popular floral designers are also influencers, showing florists around the world the ropes of modern and sustainable ways of designing.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum
Floral designer Nicolaus Peters (right) works with Decorum flowers in his design.


Leading Designers Used Decorum Products at IPM Essen 2024

Such, for instance, was the case during the IPM Essen 2024, in January, where several designers used Decorum’s sustainably produced plants and flowers in their designs.

Nicolaus Peters

For example, the 2023 Interflora World Champion, Nicolaus Peters, used a host of plants and flowers from the Decorum label in his floral showcase, at the event which took place from January 23 to 26, 2024, and where sustainability was a recurring theme in almost every aspect.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum


Basically, minimalism and nature are central in Nicolaus Peters' designs, with many of the materials he uses sourced naturally and in a sustainable way. 

Róbert Bartolen

The use of recycled materials - a key aspect of sustainability - was a key subject in the Essen horticulture and floral showcase, and this was, also, shown by Róbert Bartolen, a designer based in Slovakia, whose love for nature and great regard for plants have been evident in his designs all along.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum
Floral designer Róbert Bartolen


Róbert’s design featured plant and floral products from Decorum, bringing to the fore just how significantly designers value sustainably produced floral products as well as the use of recycled materials in a way that isn't detrimental to nature.

Olga Sharova

Known for creating high-level floral art and designs, Olga Sharova is a distinguished floral artist, and her affiliation with sustainable floral products was also evident in her choice of flower and plant material from Decorum for her designs then.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum
Floral designer Olga Sharova


Olga, who mainly works with premium flowers so that she can fully focus on her desired quest - which is the creation of exquisite floral arrangements - had her designs at IPM Essen largely featuring flowers and plants from the Naaldwijk-based brand.

Ahti Lyra

And in the same breath, Estonian florist, Ahti Lyra who represented his country in the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup in Berlin in 2015, and also took part in numerous national and international floral competitions, says floral products from Decorum are always at the core of his designs.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum

Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum
Florist Ahti Lyra


This was evident in his projects featured at the January floral showcase in Germany. Arti, whose compositions are largely based on his Nordic background with a touch of spirituality, exemplified this notion in the designs he presented at the floral fair, which also showcased his unique artistic style.

Investing in Sustainability

At the end of it all, what becomes evident is that Decorum expansively invests in sustainability, the more the reason designers are keen to work with its products. Its growers’ processes and their flower and plant products showcase the brand’s sustainable cause.


Sustainability - Top Designers Are Comfortable Working With Decorum


After all, the company is always keen to make the world a better place. It believes that it is crucial to build a sustainable and clean future for the next generations.


Photos courtesy of Decorum Plants and Flowers.


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