Check Out Hundreds of Botanical Collages Dating Back to the 18th-Century Explore a graceful collection of well-made botanical collages from dyed and cut paper.
Feb 22 | 3 min read
Textile Sculptures by Lauren Pruen Preserve Elegant Botanical Specimens How flowers and plants can be made from anything and anyone with a wide imagination and an unbelievable amount of detail.
Dec 28 | 2 min read
Delicate Spikes and Petals Bloom in Avital Avital’s Porcelain Art Vessels This artist's porcelain work aims to create a hybrid between functional art and conceptual sculpture, and challenge what we know about this type of art.
Nov 30 | 3 min read
David Morrison Creates Hyperrealistic Botanical Drawings That Feel Like Magic to Anyone’s Eyes These incredibly real-looking drawings represent the complexity of nature and how magnificent it is to be surrounded by it at the same time.
Oct 26 | 3 min read
Animals with Floral Character Created by Russian Artist Alena Khokhlova The magic that exists between animals and flowers is visually expressed in these creative photographs, making you an even stronger animal and flower lover.
Sep 14 | 4 min read
Guno Park Skeleton Drawing Imposes the Precarious Line Between Life And Death An oversized human skeleton figure with winding botanicals has caught artists' attention. Read all about it in this article.
Aug 24 | 2 min read
Alepel - Unique Hand-Painted Florals on Shoes and Accessories This Latin American brand is here to show you the best of fashion and nature's mix.
Aug 03 | 3 min read
Florist Emma Morgan Let's Her Love for Wildflowers Inspire Her Illustrations Flower-loving illustrator Emma Morgan is carving out a niche in heartwarming homewares and art, inspired by nature and joyful pops of color.
May 11 | 2 min read
Debora Lombardi Stunningly Captures Flowers Through UV Photography Harnessing the creative potential of ultraviolet light to unveil an entire spectrum of colors that would be otherwise invisible to the human eye.
May 04 | 2 min read
Quirky Faces and Patterns Adorn Sandra Apperloo's Bud Vases From the biggest vase to the tiniest dish, Dutch ceramic artist Sandra Apperloo puts love, thought, and effort into every single piece she creates.
Apr 13 | 2 min read
Reinterpreting the Floral Art of the Ethiopian Suri Tribe After reading an article on Thursd about the floral art of the Suri Tribe, I immediately ran to my computer to dig up a production we did on this subject.
Apr 13 | 3 min read
Maria Marta Morelli Brings Peonies to Life in Exuberant Oil Paintings "With their incredible, though fleeting, beauty and freshness, flowers fill us with hope and convince us that life is worth living."
Mar 22 | 2 min read

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