Florist Emma Morgan Let's Her Love for Wildflowers Inspire Her Illustrations Flower-loving illustrator Emma Morgan is carving out a niche in heartwarming homewares and art, inspired by nature and joyful pops of color.
May 11 | 2 min read
Debora Lombardi Stunningly Captures Flowers Through UV Photography Harnessing the creative potential of ultraviolet light to unveil an entire spectrum of colors that would be otherwise invisible to the human eye.
May 04 | 2 min read
Quirky Faces and Patterns Adorn Sandra Apperloo's Bud Vases From the biggest vase to the tiniest dish, Dutch ceramic artist Sandra Apperloo puts love, thought, and effort into every single piece she creates.
Apr 13 | 2 min read
Reinterpreting the Floral Art of the Ethiopian Suri Tribe After reading an article on Thursd about the floral art of the Suri Tribe, I immediately ran to my computer to dig up a production we did on this subject.
Apr 13 | 3 min read
People From the Ethiopian Suri Tribe Wear Intricate Face Paint and Don Breathtaking Floral Headpieces Banana leaves as a scarf, dried grass as a headdress, carefully arranged flowers that serve as a crown - the Suri tribe is able to make the best of their available resources. 
Mar 22 | 3 min read
Travis Bedel's Intricate Collages Blend Human Anatomy with Nature Bold botanical species, stunning flowers, tropical plants, colorful insects, and the makings of the human body harmoniously collide in his artworks.
Mar 15 | 2 min read
Ethan Murrow’s Amazing Paintings and Graphite Drawings of Floral Arrangements His flower-headed canoers and adventurers trudge and trapeze through the landscape with an almost childlike determination. 
Mar 11 | 2 min read
The Cinematic Floral Art of Photographer Gregory Crewdson While the small-town settings of his images are broadly familiar, he is careful to avoid signifiers of identifiable sites, establishing a world outside time.
Feb 28 | 3 min read
Katy Eccles Has a Genius Way of Turning Wedding Flowers Into Keepsakes Though there are a lot of ways to preserve your favorite wedding flowers, almost none of them are as original as Katy Eccles' botanical tiles.
Feb 18 | 2 min read
Doan Ly Has a Knack for Capturing the Ethereal Beauty of Flowers In a world of schooled florists, Ly is breaking the rules, producing work that stands out from the crowd and is both unorthodox and inspiring.
Jan 26 | 2 min read
Japanese Artist Sakae Turns Blossoms Into Wearable Pieces of Art The artist captures a wide range of colors and textures in her hairpieces, from the rippling edges of carnation petals to the geometric clusters of hydrangea blossoms.
Dec 28 | 2 min read
Woodlucker Re-Creates the Botanical World in Paper Every detail matters in artist Ann Wood’s entrancing body of work—from flower petals and seeds to butterfly wings and feathers.
Dec 15 | 3 min read

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