Spirit of Flowers
Festivals Around the World That Commemorate the Spirit of Flowers Explore global festivals celebrating the vibrant spirit and significance of flowers.
Ken Kelleher's Artistic Floral Designs and Creations
Ken Kelleher's Artistically Quirky Floral Designs and Creations A curiosity to experimentation and an artistic vision have propelled him to the forefront of contemporary art seamlessly blending form, function, and imagination.
Floral blocks by Joe Horner
A Dose of Flower Art Photography by Joe Horner "Flowers have always held a special place in my heart, stemming from my childhood days of being surrounded by my mother's love for them."
Nov 22 | 4 min read
Botanical rugs
The Fascinating Botanical Rug World of Chelsea Theilmann Bringing nature to people, and filling floors with abundant amounts of color and beautiful plants and orchids.
Nov 01 | 4 min read
Floral embroidery on pants
Bianca Hodselle Sànnolo Is a Genius Floral Hand Embroiderer Flowers are her everything, flowers are her inspiration, and embroidered flowers are a form of self-love.
Nov 01 | 3 min read
Tellie Hunt
Florist Special With Tellie Hunt Her flower life started way back when she was 14 years old. Where is she now? Find out here!
Oct 25 | 5 min read
Florals in dress
For Oscar de la Renta, There’s No Need to Ditch Flowers After Summer Flowers in fashion all year long? It's a big YES for this famous ready-to-wear label.
Oct 25 | 5 min read
Blue poppy painting by Janet Pulcho
Your Weekly Dose of Floral Art With Janet Pulcho "There is enough ugliness in the world, and I hope that my paintings will bring something beautiful and inspiring into the lives of others."
Oct 25 | 5 min read
Odilon Redon painting
10 Famous Flower Paintings That Bring Life to the Canvas These classic flower depictions serve as reminders of how much nature has to give and that some of the best inspiration can be found right outside your door.
Oct 18 | 9 min read
Maddison Walsh floral designer
Florist Special With Maddison Walsh She has worked alongside some of Australia’s best florists and has developed a soft, eccentric style inspired by romance.
Oct 11 | 4 min read
Vaisselle vases
Your Weekly Dose of Floral Art With Vaisselle According to the owner Léa Zana, the world needs more flowers and more color, reason why she created Vaisselle.
Oct 11 | 3 min read
Botanical sculpture in between fireworks
Azuma Makoto's Newest Blooming Sculpture 'Hanabi' Amidst Fireworks His artwork reminds us of the transience of both human and floral existence. Just as fireworks quickly fade away, so too do flowers.
Sep 21 | 3 min read

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