Flower Bouquet
7 Ways to Make Floristry More Sustainable for the Future Embrace eco-friendly floristry: 7 ways to ensure a greener future. From locally sourced blooms to reusable materials, sustainable practices bloom.
Aug 02 | 5 min read
Floral Industry
Sustainability In The Floral Industry: Promoting Eco-Friendly Practices From Farm To Florist Revolutionizing the floral industry with sustainable methods! Embracing eco-friendly practices - from responsible farming to florist, blossoming a greener tomorrow.
Jul 21 | 8 min read
Flower Arranging
Using Flower Arranging as a Pathway to Empathy in Education Incorporating flower arranging in education fosters empathy by teaching care, sensitivity, and appreciation for beauty, connecting students to nature and others.
Jun 28 | 5 min read
Flower Party
How to Organize a Flower Party: Working with Live Plants Transform your space into a blooming paradise with live plants. Learn the secrets of organizing a captivating flower party.
Secret Formula of the Perfect Commercial Bouquet - on Thursd - Featured
Commercial Bouquet's Secret Formula These are the key elements to keep in mind when creating a commercial bouquet.
Florist LK Verdant Puts a Luxury Stamp on Intimate Weddings During the Pandemic "I’ve absolutely loved creating floral designs for COVID-19 weddings as flowers are there to set the scene, complement, and uplift a couple on their big day."
Doctor Solomon Leong in an Exclusive Floral Interview "Flowers are not only beautiful, but I think they reflect a lot about our cultures and history."
Oct 07 | 4 min read
The Definition of a Florist - How Has the Profession Evolved? See how the profession of the florist has evolved over the years
Aug 05 | 3 min read
The Flowers of Bali There is a common misconception among our non-Balinese customers on what are true, local Balinese flowers
Mar 31 | 6 min read
15 Female Floral Designers You Want to Keep an Eye on in 2021 In celebration of International Women's Day
Feb 25 | 9 min read
A Little Piece of Parisian Decadence Lachaume Fleurs has been seducing visitors since 1845
Nov 18 | 1 min read

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