A Handbook on Sustainable Practices in Floral Design
A Guide to Sustainable Floristry Easy actions to start optimally honoring natural resources in the flower profession.
10 Questions to
10 Questions to Petr Anokhin, A Seasoned Florist "To stay competitive, I actively use social media to promote my work and attract new clients."
Jun 12 | 12 min read
Floral Business
The Connection Between Cleanliness and Floral Business Success Learn how cleanliness impacts the success and reputation of your floral business.
Floral Legacy
Preserving Beauty for the Next Generation in form of Floral Legacy Pass on the art of gardening and floral beauty to future generations.
Floral content ideas
Floral Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing Success Get inspired with creative floral content ideas for every occasion and audience.
Apr 30 | 6 min read
Lily Caldwell and Mary of Grandirosa
Florist Special With Lil Caldwell of Grandirosa For all those flower lovers wanting to pursue a career in the floral design industry, Lil advises to "Go for it but do your research and get your hands dirty first."
Apr 10 | 5 min read
The Flowers of Bali There is a common misconception among our non-Balinese customers on what are true, local Balinese flowers
Apr 07 | 6 min read
Occasion With Blossoms
Floral Finesse: Elevating Every Occasion With Blossoms Elevate any occasion with the finesse of floral arrangements tailored to perfection.
Flowers for Mothers Day
Tips to Order Flowers for Mother's Day with Affordable Delivery Order Mother's Day flowers with budget-friendly delivery - follow these cost-saving tips.
Flower kept fresh
How Are Flowers Kept Fresh During Delivery? 8 Things to Know Discover how flowers stay fresh during delivery with these essential tips.
Modern Florists
Revolutionizing Floral Design with Tech: Innovative Software Tools for Modern Florists Embrace tech in floral design - discover innovative software for modern florists.

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