Octoflor connects
Octoflor - Spreading its Tentacles to Connect Worldwide "We stretch our reach around the globe and are constantly adapting to the market changes and needs."
Apr 09 | 4 min read
Popular flower holidays featured
The Most Popular Holidays in the Flower Industry These are the yearly holidays in which millions of flowers are sold and take over completely.
Waterdrinker: An Innovative,​ and Entrepreneurial Company for Plants, Flowers, and Floral Accessories
Waterdrinker Is a Plant and Flower Wholesaler With So Much to Offer "Our goal is for more and more people to realize the value of green [plants and flowers] in their environment."
FlowerMe Eco view
Floriculture Meets Web3 Culture FlowerMe, the company behind this initiative rounds up contributions to protect a more natural environment and create a little surplus within the offsetting activities of its customers.
Mar 20 | 6 min read
Jimi Santoli and His Passion for Tulips and Other Flowers
Jimi Santoli’s Love Affair With the Tulip… and Other Flowers He possesses a charismatic and an outgoing character coupled with a love for flowers, especially the tulip.
IFTEX ​Sustainably Cultivates Global Flower Connections
IFTEX - An Event That Sustainably Cultivates Global Flower Connections An occasion that presents an opportunity for all in the flower industry to engage and share insights on boosting this key trade.
Feb 28 | 5 min read
Essentials for a Successful Flower Industry Career
What to Know When Finding a Flower Industry Job A guide that provides all the necessary information and tips to ensure a successful career in the flower industry.
Feb 28 | 6 min read
SAF members
SAF Members Ask Lawmakers for Increased Floriculture Research Funding How exactly does this new strategy help the floral industry? Keep reading to find out.
Feb 26 | 3 min read
Rose Fortune
The Growth of Red Roses and European Trends Plantec shares an insightful and educational point of view and why two of their red roses are on the road to becoming queens of this market.
Dec 27 | 5 min read
Kenya Flower Market Update
Kenya’s Flower Market Update From its good equatorial climate and weather patterns to a host of other favorable conditions, Kenya is proving to be a giant in global flower production.
Oct 01 | 22 min read
Panther Roses from Ecuador
Aviram Krell From Plantec Shares the Importance of Being Different "Flowers have always been an emotional purchase, and if we can showcase a fantastic product, customers will really appreciate that."
Aug 30 | 3 min read
Flower Industry in Kenya
Flower Industry in Kenya Is Blooming With Green Initiatives By embracing sustainability, the flower industry is not only beautifying our lives but also preserving the planet for future generations.
May 31 | 6 min read

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