Polianthes, a sweet and sensual flower from Marginpar.
Marginpar’s Polianthes - A Sweet Sensual Flower With a Voluptuous Scent At different stages, the flower gives off a different scent, but as it matures, the scent also takes on a different dimension.
Spirit of Flowers
Festivals Around the World That Commemorate the Spirit of Flowers At the heart of many global celebrations, flowers are not mere ornaments; they celebrate a vibrant spirit and significance.
Natural perfumes from Jo Malone
The Increasing Popularity of Natural Floral Perfumes Embracing natural flower perfumes is not only a testament to our love for all things botanical but also a conscious choice to surround ourselves with the beauty and purity of nature.
Jun 21 | 8 min read
Honeysuckle Can Make Your Floral Arrangements wide feature
Five Ways That Honeysuckle Can Make Your Floral Arrangements Stand Out Whether creating a simple bouquet or an elaborate centerpiece, honeysuckle can definitely add a pop of color and fragrance to your arrangements.
Floral Designs Flowers
May 03 | 5 min read

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