The Most Beautiful Flowering Plants for Your Tropical Garden

Having a blooming tropical garden is possible if you know what flowering plants to choose. Here are some of them!

By: THURSD. | 12-04-2023 | 10 min read
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Imagine having a breathtaking setting of a lush tropical rainforest that surrounds the comfort of your own home. Soothing shades of green delight your eyes every time you peek out of the kitchen window. Achieving this and a tropical garden that includes the most beautiful flowering plants is of course possible. These are some of the flowering plants that'll beautify your tropical garden at home. Take note!

Tropical Flowering Plants to Enhance Your Garden or Patio

To be honest, most of us will never get a chance to immerse ourselves in such a tropical paradise feel in our own backyard, right? Wrong! Everything is possible in your backyard if you have the correct information and certainly, the correct types of flowering tropical plants to make the most out of your outdoor spaces.

This tropical frenzy is flowers growing in the colors red, purple, orange, and yellow to exuberate an even more tropical vibe to your patio. Just imagine a few rays of sunlight peeking through the highest trees on their wide tropical leaves and visualize having this in your own tropical garden. Nowadays, everyone can re-create this experience and make the guests who come to your house completely awe-struck with the tropical plants and flowers they encounter in your backyard.


List of tropical flowering plants
Photo: @kebunanggrek_doniinod


For best results, you must know which flowering plants do the trick. Whether you're living in a cooler area or in a warmer climate, these plant beauties can soon be part of your lush tropical garden. Here's a list of flowering garden plants that create some tropical heat for your outdoor living space:

Passiflora Caerulea

Looking for a bit of allure to add to your garden or patio? Then the passiflora (or passionflower) is your go-to tropical flowering garden plant. With its exotic looks and mesmerizing scent, the passiflora scrambles over fences and across the borders of your green space. They also grow very well in pots but will need trellis or bamboo poles for support. Watch out though; these hardy vines are eager climbers and will become invasive if left undisturbed. Everything you need to know about passiflora you can read in the article 'Passiflora Caerulea- The Complete Care Guide and Religious Meaning Behind It'


Passiflora caerulea has a religious symbolism behind it on Thursd
Passiflora caerulea



Bring a flamenco vibe to the patio and container garden with the beautiful and easy-going hibiscus. This tropical flowering plant is a winner, even for beginners. You will receive nonstop blooms up to eight inches in diameter throughout the growing season when you just provide ample sunshine and generous water. The brilliant colors of the hibiscus are a beacon to butterflies. The blooms vary from hot shades to cool tones.

Hibiscus outdoor flowering tropical plant
Hibiscus. Photo: Pexels


The jasmine (Jasminum) plant is an evergreen delight that adds fragrance and height to any garden. With its small, waxy flowers you can enjoy the amazing scent while the flowers are in bloom. You keep the slender but vigorous vine inbound by frequent pruning. It produces flowers from late spring through early fall. Consider it a fragrant houseplant during the winter in cooler areas though.

Flowering tropical plant jasmine white
Jasmine. Photo: Tanya Nedelcheva from Unsplash


Almost everyone has a memory of - or at least a longing for - a sun-kissed afternoon well-spent at the Mediterranean. Why not bring this dreamy destination to your own home by cultivating the vigorous vine Bougainvillea, which grows throughout sunny, dry climates?


Bougainvillea flowering plant in garden
Bougainvillea. Photo: Fei Wang from Pexels


The blooming of the bougainvillea may slow down during summer but will peak in the fall, as it thrives when day and night lengths are practically equal. Make sure to give this flowering tropical plant full days of sunshine and overwintering in your home is not part of its longevity plan. But, the cheerful bracts will appear quickly on new transplants you install next spring.

Calla Lilies

Both elegant and dramatic, Callas come in the richest cheerful hues and are so easy to grow.  Ranging from the lightest yellows to the darkest reds, Callas comes with another tropical feature; wide leaves. These pretty leaves will give your garden a boost when the plants are not in bloom. Whether used in borders or containers, they always provide a spectacular effect.

Pink plant callas
Calla a.k.a. Zantedeschia


Phalaenopsis Orchid
Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as moth orchids, are a popular type of orchid native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands. They are known for their large, flat flowers that can bloom for several months at a time, and their long, arching stems that can reach up to two feet in length.

While phalaenopsis orchids are typically grown as indoor houseplants, they can also make great additions to outdoor gardens as tropical plants with flowers. Here are a few reasons why:

Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their large, flat flowers that can bloom for several months at a time, making them a great choice for gardeners looking for plants with long-lasting blooms. Phalaenopsis orchids are relatively easy to care for, requiring only regular watering, fertilization, and proper lighting conditions. They can thrive in a variety of outdoor settings, including shaded areas and protected patios.


Tropical flowering plant phalaenopsis orchid
Phalaenopsis. Photo: @hijosfarm


In addition to their striking blooms, phalaenopsis orchids also feature attractive, glossy green leaves that can add texture and depth to any garden setting. Phalaenopsis orchids come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be hybridized to produce unique and beautiful blooms. This can make them a great choice for gardeners looking to add some exotic beauty to their outdoor spaces.

Dendrobium Orchid
Dendrobium orchids are a diverse group of orchids that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are native to a wide range of climates, from tropical rainforests to mountainous regions, and can be grown as outdoor garden plants in certain regions. Many dendrobium orchids are adapted to drought-prone environments and can tolerate periods of dryness, making them a great choice for gardeners in arid regions.
Dendrobium orchids are great for a tropical garden
Dendrobium. Photo: @eastern_australian_flora


Dendrobium orchids can be grown in a variety of garden settings, including pots, hanging baskets, and mounted on trees or rocks. They can also be grown in a range of climates, from warm and humid to cool and dry.

Overall, these beautiful outdoor tropical flowering plants can make a great choice for gardeners looking for low-maintenance, long-lasting flowering plants with a wide range of attractive colors and shapes.


Heliconia is a genus of flowering plants native to the tropical Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands. These plants are known for their large, vibrant inflorescences, which can range in color from red and orange to yellow and green.

These exotic flowering plants are often grown as ornamental plants in tropical gardens and can add a touch of exotic beauty to any landscape. They require warm temperatures and moist soil and can be propagated from seeds or by the division of mature plants. Some species of heliconia can also be grown in containers and make excellent houseplants in bright, humid environments.


Heliconia is a beautiful flowering plant
Heliconia. Photo: Vincent Gerbouin from Pexels



Overall, plumerias are a great choice for gardeners looking for low-maintenance, long-blooming tropical plants with beautiful blooms and attractive foliage. Plumeria is considered one of the best flowers for a tropical garden because it produces large, fragrant flowers in a variety of colors, ranging from white and yellow to pink, red, and orange. Their blooms are often used in leis and other floral arrangements and can add a touch of exotic beauty to any garden.


Plumeria white flowers in garden
Plumeria. Photo: Daksh Bansal from Pexels
Nelumbo Nucifera Lotus

The Nelumbo Nucifera, also known as the sacred lotus, is a tropical flowering plant that is considered one of the best outdoor plants due to its unique beauty and adaptability. Here are some reasons why the Nelumbo lotus is a standout as one of the best tropical flowering plants:

The Nelumbo lotus besides being one of the flowers for a perfect tropical garden produces large, striking flowers that can range in color from white to pink, red, and yellow. The flowers are typically held above the water on long stems and can reach up to 10-12 inches in diameter.


Pink Nelumbo Nucifera Lotus
Nelumbo Nucifera. Photo: ellies_bouquet


This type of lotus is a hardy and adaptable plant that can thrive in a range of water conditions, from still to flow, and in a variety of temperatures. It can grow in shallow or deep water and can tolerate periods of drought.

Nymphaea Lotus
Nymphaea lotus is generally considered a tropical flowering plant, as it is native to regions of Africa and the Middle East that have warm and humid climates. While it can tolerate a range of temperatures and growing conditions, it typically thrives in warm, tropical environments with plenty of sunlight and water. In cooler or temperate climates, the Nymphaea lotus may require additional care and protection to ensure its survival and optimal growth.
Nymphaea Lotus flowering in a tropical garden
Nymphaea. Photo: @y_awan
It's considered one of the most beautiful tropical flowering plants and one of the most exotic flowers for a garden as it has large, round leaves that can grow up to 18 inches in diameter, with a slightly wavy edge. The leaves are green on the top and purple underneath and float on the water's surface. The flowers are large and showy, with a creamy white color and a bright yellow center.

Benefits of Having Flowering Tropical Plants in Your Garden

There are many benefits of having tropical flowering plants in your garden, beyond the aesthetic appeal they provide. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating flowers into a tropical garden:

Flowering plants are great pollinator attractors! These types of plants are a great way to attract pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, to your garden. These insects and animals are important for the pollination of many fruits and vegetables, which makes them essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Improved air quality is greatly provided by these beautiful plants. Flowering tropical plants can help to improve the air quality in your garden and surrounding areas. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, which makes them an important part of the natural air purification process.


Benefits of having tropical flowering plants in your patio
Hibiscus. Photo: Herbert Santos from Pexels


Having a garden full of tropical flowering plants can help reduce your levels of stress. Spending time in nature has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health, and the presence of flowering plants in your garden can contribute to this. The sight and scent of flowers can help to reduce stress levels and promote feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Increased biodiversity! By incorporating a variety of flowering plants into your garden, you can help to increase biodiversity in your local ecosystem. This can help to support a range of wildlife, including birds, insects, and small mammals.

One of the greatest benefits of having a tropical garden at home is the role it plays in pest control. Some flowering plants, such as marigolds, have natural pest-repelling properties. By incorporating these tropical flowering plants into your garden, you can help to control pests without the need for harmful chemical pesticides.


Tips for planting a jasmine flower in your patio on Thursd
Jasmine plants


Probably the main reason why many love adding flowering tropical plants is because of the color, texture, and extra volume they can add to any outdoor space. If you feel your backyard is lacking a push of color or needs different shapes, it's time to add flowering plants to your patio. They'll completely change the way it looks in an amazing way, and best of all, you'll have a garden you enjoy visiting, watering, and caring for every single day.

Ultimately, flowering plants can provide many benefits beyond their beauty. By incorporating them into your garden, you can attract pollinators, improve air quality, reduce stress, increase biodiversity, control pests, and provide educational opportunities for children. So, the next time you are planning your garden, be sure to include a variety of flowering plants to enjoy these benefits and more.


An incredible backyard full of Bougainvillea
Bougainvillea. Photo: Maria Orlova from Pexels


This is the sign you've been waiting for to make your garden look totally tropical with a side of full colorful alternatives.


Feature image by Brithel James Soriano.



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