Medellin greenery
Medellin - The City That Went Green to Keep Fresh and Cool After the corridors were implemented in the city, the government saw a drop of up to two degrees Celsius and the return of many animals as well.
Martelaar House, a refurbished private residence in Ghent incorporates greenery in its different spaces.
A Verdant Haven From a Refurbished Urban Industrial Building Martelaar House is as much a verdant spectacle as it is a tranquil retreat right in the middle of urban developments.
Green Biophilic Buildings square feature on Thursd
Green Biophilic Buildings Take Over Major Cities in The World These green buildings will embark you on a nature adventure you'll want to join asap.
Green city in Milan - on Thursd.
What Does Phytoremediation Mean? Plants play an important role in absorbing toxins in our environment. Can you use plants on buildings to restore the natural balance?
Jul 06 | 4 min read

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