The Winner at Goyang Flower Grand Prix Is Kim Jong Kook A well deserved second Arrman Voskanyan from Armenia and third Hong Ye Chan from South Korea.
May 01 | 2 min read
Day 2 Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Day 2 at Goyang Flower Grand Prix Check out all the tables for two in the theme "Earth and Flowers", and the answers from the competitors on what they think and feel of the competition so far.
May 01 | 8 min read
Logo Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Goosebumps at the Goyang Flower Grand Prix - Task 1 Ten competitors with ten completely different creations and yet the same theme: "Showcase your infinite potential."
Apr 26 | 6 min read
Building Bridges and Connecting Is What I Love to Do Most Meeting floral friends as well as getting to know people I haven't met before, and creating opportunities for them to reach new goals, gives me energy.
Apr 24 | 4 min read
The Goyang Flower Grand Prix - A New Competition 10 talented designers from all over the world will bring their best skills to South Korea to take home the first prize.
Apr 24 | 12 min read

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