Ideal Houseplants for Japandi Aesthetics in Interior Design
Seven Ideal Houseplants for Japandi Aesthetics in Interior Design The concept combines Japanese artistic elements and wabi-sabi philosophy with Scandinavian comfort and coziness in design.
Apr 06 | 11 min read
The Nageirebana Art of Floral Arrangement
Nageire Ikebana Is the Art of Floral Arrangement With a Soaring Spirit These compositions are designed in such a way that they are simple yet elegant.
Shinrin-yoku the ancient art of forest bathing
Revitalize Your Soul With the Ancient Art of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing This remedy is based on ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices and means to let nature into your body through the five senses.
Flowers can uplift your spirits leaving you mentally replenished.
Floral Mindfulness: How Flowers Can Uplift Spirits and Keep Off Melancholia One of nature's key allies in the battle against depression is as simple as having flowers in your environment.
Aug 23 | 6 min read
Lucinda Maria van der Ploeg featured
How Former Floral Designer Lucinda Maria Turned Guru in Blossoming Spirituality Unlock your potential with the hidden wisdom of flowers and their spiritual power.
Apr 26 | 5 min read

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