How Former Floral Designer Lucinda Maria Turned Guru in Blossoming Spirituality

Unlock your potential with the hidden wisdom of flowers and their spiritual power.

By: THURSD. | 26-04-2023 | 5 min read
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Lucinda Maria is a former floral designer turned spiritual guide who is using her expertise to show people the profound connection that flowers have with our spiritual journey. Her teachings emphasize the importance of flowers in our lives and how they can benefit us both physically and psychologically. 

Discovering the Incredible Spiritual Connection to Flowers

Lucinda Maria van der Ploeg grew up in a family of growers in the Dutch 'Bollenstreek', the region famous for the spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. As the daughter of a grower, it was only natural for her to be interested in flowers and plants from a young age, and she pursued a career as a florist. However, after some life changes, Lucinda began questioning her purpose and discovered to follow her spirituality, mindfulness, and a life living in the present moment. It was during this exploration that she really embraced the magic of flowers and their connection to spirituality and mental growth.

After her career as a floral designer, Lucinda Maria discovered the incredible spiritual connection that flowers bring. She began offering workshops and seminars in her yurt, in her backyard. 


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Lucinda Maria's Workshops and Seminars

In her yurt, Lucinda Maria creates a serene and welcoming environment for her guests, whether they are attending group sessions or receiving individual guidance. Each session begins with a comfortable seating area beneath a floral arch, encouraging participants to connect with the flowers and their energy. Her workshops and seminars are designed to teach attendees how to communicate with flowers, understand their messages, and use this connection to enhance their spiritual journey.


Lucinda van der Ploeg Flower Arch


Participants in Lucinda's workshops learn various techniques for connecting with flowers, such as meditation, visualization, and even flower arranging. These activities not only provide a hands-on experience for learning about the spiritual connection with flowers but also offer practical skills that can be incorporated into daily life. Attendees often leave Lucinda Maria's sessions feeling more in tune with their emotions, with a deeper understanding of their spiritual path, and a newfound appreciation for the healing power of flowers.

"My goal is to help people discover the wisdom that flowers have to offer and to teach them how to use this knowledge to enhance their spiritual journey."

Connecting With Flowers and Nature

Lucinda Maria's work is a testament to the importance of connecting with nature in our modern world. In today's fast-paced society, many of us have become disconnected from the natural world, leading to increased stress and a sense of disconnection from ourselves. By reconnecting with flowers and nature, we can regain a sense of balance and harmony in our lives.

Lucinda Maria encourages people to connect with flowers and nature in their daily lives by incorporating simple practices such as spending time in gardens or parks, surrounding themselves with houseplants, or engaging in activities like gardening or nature walks. By connecting with the beauty and energy of flowers and nature, we can cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace, mindfulness, and overall well-being.


Spiritual Connection to Flowers


Lucinda Maria Embraces the Wisdom of Flowers

Lucinda Maria van de Ploeg's inspiring journey and her work as a spiritual guide highlight the profound impact that flowers can have on our spiritual growth and overall well-being. By embracing the wisdom of flowers and allowing them to guide us, we can unlock their healing power and enjoy the countless physical and psychological benefits they have to offer.

"This Is My Path, My Purpose"

Lucinda always felt a certain connection to flowers, as a young girl already, and later in her work as a florist. But it wasn't until she began to explore spirituality that she started to listen to the communication that she felt from flowers truly. She began to understand that flowers were communicating with her, even to the point where she would sense if a flower wouldn't survive in a particular arrangement and 'told her' to choose a different one. She started to trust this communication and follow her intuition, often leading to beautiful and meaningful flower arrangements.

"Sometimes it seems like the path is already laid out for you. I don't like the word 'manifesting' because it's often used in the wrong way, but it does seem like there is a purpose, and this is my path, my purpose. And that is to listen to my feelings and to what flowers tell me."

Lucinda's intuition and connection to flowers led her to leave her career as a florist and pursue a new path as a spiritual guide, teaching others about the connection between flowers and spirituality, and hosting sessions in a yurt in her garden.


Lucinda Maria Turned Guru in Blossoming Spirituality
Lucinda Maria van der Ploeg


The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Flowers

Flowers have been used for centuries for their physical and psychological benefits. They have a calming effect on our nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve our overall mood. Studies have shown that flowers can lower blood pressure and decrease muscle tension. Flowers also have a powerful impact on our psychological well-being, promoting feelings of happiness, joy, and relaxation, and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

By connecting with flowers in a spiritual way, we can tap into their healing power and promote our own physical and psychological well-being. Lucinda understands flowers help us connect with our emotions and promote emotional healing. By using flowers in meditation or simply enjoying their beauty, we can tap into our emotions and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.


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Listen to What Flowers Tell You

Lucinda van de Ploeg's journey from floral designer to spiritual guide shows us the profound connection that flowers have to our spiritual journey. By communicating with flowers and trusting our intuition, we can tap into their healing power and promote our physical and psychological well-being. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or simply appreciate the beauty of flowers, there is no denying their impact on our lives. As Lucinda says,

"Listen to your feelings and what flowers tell you," and you may discover a new path in life."

Whether you're interested in attending one of Lucinda's workshops or simply looking to connect with flowers in your own life, her story serves as a reminder of the powerful connection between flowers, spirituality, and personal growth. Open your heart, trust your intuition, and let the beauty of flowers guide you on your spiritual journey.


Lucinda Maria van der Ploeg


More details can be found on Lucinda Maria's website: Make sure you have google translate on, the website is Dutch only. Her Insta channel is here.



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