Tropical Plants Line Up for a Green Mother's Day 2022 Want to gift mom with lasting beauty this year? These green houseplants from Evanthia are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.
May 04 | 4 min read | Houseplants
Go Back to the Green Sixties With These Retro Houseplants The 1960s were filled with greens. Time to bring the antique charm of a bygone era back with these retro houseplants from Evanthia.
Jan 26 | 5 min read | Houseplants
10 Special or Rare Houseplants to Add to Your Urban Jungle in Your Home Whether you're just starting out or are well on your way as a plant parent, these beauties will fit right in
Mar 14 | 12 min read | Houseplants
Top 10 Most Wanted Rare Houseplants These are the hottest aroids
Dec 25 | 7 min read | News

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