Butterfly on a lily
Dutch Lily Days Event Showcases Beauty and Innovation Love for Lilies supports this event with their "Not Grown to Be Subtle" campaign.
Jun 12 | 4 min read
Love for Lilies Keukenhof
Consumers Show Their Love for Lilies at Keukenhof Look at those happy faces (and noses!) during this year's lily show. A perfect promotion for this super versatile flower.
May 22 | 4 min read
Jacob Langelaan Zabo Plant
Year-Round the Finest Lilies and Roselilies, How Is That Possible? With nurseries in the Netherlands and Chile, Zabo Plant's lilies never miss a holiday anywhere in the world.
Feb 14 | 8 min read
Visiting Lily Grower Qualily
Visiting Lily Grower Qualily Discover the exquisite world of lily cultivation.
Jun 14 | 3 min read

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