A Floral Haiku for Personal Growth

I loved to work on this design for Kiku Matsuri at the Japanese Garden in Hasselt

By: TUBA OSKAN | 21-10-2020 | 1 min read

Haiku in Bloom and Emotions

This year's festival in the Japanese Garden from Hasselt has the theme: 'Haiku in Bloom'.  Haikus are a kind of poem. Designers, students from the masterclass of Tom de Houwer, Bloom Up, design for this special occasion. In relation to a Haiku that was given to them. The Haiku given to me is from Willy Vande Walle and translates as follows (in the original Flemish text the Haiku is following the 5/7/5 rule):
Playing around in the hay: My Children experience The fun of my childhood
  Design Japanese Garden 5 Haiku in bloom by Tuba Belgin Oskan - flowers Just Chrys - Blog on Thursd  

Life is a Journey

Since the main idea of my Haiku is Childhood joy,  I’ve chosen Chrysanthemum ‘Sorbet Banana‘ as a referral to it. I read the floral Haiku for personal growth. I believe life is a journey to our better self. This journey is called growth, and as years go by, most people have some kind of strength, awareness, and wisdom through this journey. As one of the fastest-growing plants, bamboo, which symbolizes strength and wisdom, our personal growth can be quite remarkable when we look back at what or where we used to be. The bamboos in my design represent the years that Willy Vande Walle has left behind in his life.    

The Symbolization of Innocence and Pure Love

According to Sufism* the letter WAW, (in Arabic signs) that have been placed on the hay, resembles the fetus growing in the womb, and it symbolizes innocence and pure love. Therefore it was the perfect form of this letter for me resonating with the children playing in the hayfield. (*Sufism is a mystical Islamic belief and a practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through the direct personal experience of God)     Design Japanese Garden 4 Haiku in bloom by Tuba Belgin Oskan - flowers Just Chrys - Blog on Thursd  
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Tuba Oskan

Istanbul based floral designer Tuba Belgin Oskan, EMC, is originally an expert in Event Management. Therefore, attending classes of well-known masters like Gregor Lersch, Marina Bulatova, Bart Hassam and Tom de Houwer following a business of floristry school in London has allowed her to create floral decorations for private parties, luxury events, and weddings at first. Besides offering a full service of unique and artistic floral design for any occasion, her studio/shop, Natura Karma, is providing contracted services for hotels and restaurants as well. Tuba, personally enjoys styling for photo shootings, creating designs for floral exhibitions and stage demos. She holds a European Master Certification since January 2018.


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