A Mother's Day Gift to Remember

The 'Luffa Series' is one of the most popular types for Mother’s day this year

By: ANA GRIGORAS | 01-05-2020 | 1 min read
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"My name is Ana Grigoras and I am from Constanta, Romania. I am an EMC student and I am very happy that I have the opportunity to share with you the most popular designs I have in my shop for Mother’s Day. One of them is really a gift to remember."

Studio Floralistic

The 'Luffa Series' as I call it, is one of the most popular types of design among my customers for Mother’s day this year. It is very versatile and easy to adapt according to the customer’s preferences for flowers and colors. The base is made out of slices of luffa, creating interest and adding texture to the design.

Beyond its interesting appearance, this design is easy to make because the structure can be prepared ahead of time, and most important, it attracts customers with the fact that it includes unconventional materials. When I ask my clients: "What do you think the structure is made of?!", they think about it and usually have any clue :). When I tell them it’s natural bath sponge (luffa), they are very charmed by this creative idea and by the fact that I use natural materials that they didn’t even think about. Mother's Day by Ana Grigoras Many clients have told me that they prefer this design because the structure can be reused and they are glad that their mother will have an 'interesting little vase' where she can put flowers in the future and also remember the gift she received from her children for Mother’s Day. Mother's Day by Ana Grigoras

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Ana Grigoras

I am an enthusiast flower lover with a great passion for floral design and crafts. I enjoy very much creating my own handmade elements and structures that I always compliment with beautiful flowers. In this way, I get to do what I love and create beauty as I go.


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