My Floral Design With Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi at the Festival of Flowers and Art

Its intense green color perfectly complemented the overall arrangement, adding a touch of vibrancy and lushness.

By: ZBIGNIEW DZIWULSKI | 28-06-2023 | 3 min read
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Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi

The Festival of Flowers and Art at Ksiaz Castle is an annual event attracting tourists from all over Poland and many corners of the world. This year, it was my pleasure to create several floral designs in the castle rooms. I have written a few blogs about this with (spray) roses, and greens. In this blog, I will focus on a peculiar yet brilliant green cut flower, the Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi.

All About My Experience at the Festival of Flowers and Art at the Castle

Stepping into the world of the Festival of Flowers and Art at Ksiaz Castle was like entering a realm where nature's beauty intertwined with the rich history of the castle itself. As a passionate floral designer, I had the honor of participating in the 33rd edition of this prestigious event, which revolved around the captivating theme of 'Ksieznej Daisy's Secret Garden'.


Using Dianthus Barbatus for the Ksiaz Castle decor


The festival paid homage to Daisy, the renowned inhabitant of the castle, Maria Teresa Oliwia Hochberg von Pless, who left an indelible mark on both the castle and the world. Join me on a journey through the corridors of the castle, where one of the castle's rooms was under the spell of my magical floral design, inspired by Princess Daisy's exotic travels, took form, featuring the vibrant Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi.


Closeup of Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi


Princess Daisy Was My Inspiration for the Jungle Decoration

As visitors wandered through the Castle Courtyard, they were greeted by a mesmerizing sight—a floral carpet of extraordinary proportions. This captivating display set the tone for the festival, hinting at the enchantments that awaited within the castle's chambers.


Arrangement using Barbatus Kiwi


Inspired by Daisy's life and philanthropic endeavors, the festival showcased intricate flower arrangements that seamlessly blended artistry and nature. Among the castle's many rooms, I had the privilege of adorning the 3rd-floor corridor, a passageway that led tourists to the duke's chambers.


Dianthus Barbatus with Tulips and Antirrhinum


The Jungle decoration in the corridor was a testament to Princess Daisy's adventurous spirit and love for exotic destinations. To bring this vision to life, I turned to Selecta Cut Flowers' remarkable variety, the Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi, in collaboration with Thursd. Its intense green color perfectly complemented the overall arrangement, adding a touch of vibrancy and lushness.


Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi amongst foliage


But it wasn't just its visual appeal that made it the ideal choice; its remarkable durability was crucial for a festival that spanned five days. The flowers had to maintain their delightful charm throughout the event, despite the thousands of people passing by and the dry air resulting from the castle's heating system.


Closeup details of Dianthus Kiwi


Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Ensured Freshness and Longevity

Ensuring the longevity and freshness of the arrangement required daily care and attention. Each morning, I meticulously sprayed the Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi and replenished the water in the floral sponge, preserving their natural allure. The flowers withstood the constant touches from curious visitors, continuing to exude their captivating aroma and vibrant appearance.


Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi


Gratitude and Acknowledgments for This Wonderful Project

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Polish Florist Association and Zamek Ksiaz for trusting me with the coordination of this project. It was an honor to be part of such an esteemed event and to contribute to the celebration of Princess Daisy's legacy. Working with the magnificent Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi allowed me to create an immersive floral experience, immersing visitors in the magical world of Ksiaz Castle and its captivating history.

However, this endeavor would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of my dedicated team—Anna Gliwa, Anna Plecety, Małgorzata Wróblewska-Tylus, Magdalena Płoskonka, Magdalena Żukowicz, and Piotr Konieczny. Their commitment and creativity played an integral role in making this project a resounding success.


Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi banner

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Zbigniew Dziwulski

Florist Zbigniew Dziwulski is a Floral Designer and the main representative of 'Kwiaciarnia Grasz W Zielone?', a flower shop in Lublin, Poland: "For the love of flowers, nothing happens without a reason. The most important thing in life is to have a purpose and passion. And follow these in your life."


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