Hydrangea, Your Go-to Flower for a Bold and Striking Design

Chapel Designer Sarah Richardson's take on this all-time favorite flower

By: SARAH RICHARDSON | 12-05-2021 | 3 min read
Ever since I started Leafy Couture, I've always been focused on creating beautiful flowers, arrangements, and installations. That is what I love! I am someone who is always learning about the latest techniques and trends in floristry; we traveled to Hope Flower Farm to learn from some of the best floral designers in the world! It was there that I was absolutely delighted to be showcasing these beautiful hydrangeas in an installation that suits my style. Time to share my experience and all the deeds for a hydrangea installation with a worldwide audience.  
How To Create a Bold and Striking Hydrangea Design - sarah richardson - blog on thursd - entrance denton hall - Photographer Casey Orr
Photography Casey Orr

Colorful Hydrangea Installations

We've managed to create a beautiful setup with the most colorful and diverse big-headed hydrangea beauties. What a treat to work with all these varieties!     I love working with hydrangeas as they are so bold and striking. They need lots of water and a little special care but if looked after properly, they are really versatile. There are many intriguing varieties of hydrangea that I find difficult to choose a favorite from.  
Hydrangea, Your Go-to Flower for a Bold and Striking Design - blue white hydrangea cloud 3 - sarah richardson - blog on thursd - Photographer Casey Orr
Photography Casey Orr

Ombré Design With Hydrangeas

On this sunny day in May, we created three designs that were all foam-free. These designs were all about the hydrangea and really showcased how gorgeous they can look. Of course, an ombré design couldn't miss out on this day. Call it a trademark of mine but also a color gradient technique that is easily and beautifully created with a flower such as a hydrangea. And what a result, I would love to take all the credit together with my team, but it makes it so much easier (and more fun!) to work with a blooming beauty that is as striking by itself, a flower such as a hydrangea.     The venue of Denton Hall in the heart of Yorkshire (UK) made the entire design scheme even more magical. I knew the hydrangea would POP in front of their incredible entrance! I find the resilience of nature truly incredible and the spring blooms coming after the harshest winters definitely spur me on. All in all, a wonderful day to look back at filled with incredible blossoms.    

Garden Look-and-feel

Something that I love about hydrangeas is the garden look-and-feel. My garden although a work in progress has definitely got us through the last year. The ability to look at the flowers and to be outside has been priceless. Sitting on our doorstep with sight on our own hydrangeas, peonies, forget-me-nots are what we could focus on in the garden. This work with hydrangeas gave me the honor to recreate this feeling in my designs at Denton Hall.    


Not the privilege of having your own cut flower garden filled with hydrangea beauties to look at? Eager to get started yourself with hydrangeas in a design? And are you curious about all the varieties and color combinations you've seen here in my blog? Make sure to find the extensive hydrangea inspiration and information on the Facebook and Instagram of  Hydrangeaworld or read this article about cut flower hydrangeas.    



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