I'm a Floral Artist That Loves Building Concepts With Dry and Fresh Materials Based on Nature, Memories, and Emotions

I love taking walks in the fields and I especially like to bring ideas into my design to let my flowers speak.

By: ORIT HERTZ | 27-10-2022 | 2 min read
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My name is Orit Hertz from Israel, Floral designer, and owner of Orit Hertz - Floral Design School based in Kibbutz Naan - Israel.
My designs are inspired by my day-by-day experiences and emotions, as well as inspiration from nature which evolves and changes daily. I live in Kibbutz Naan in the center south of Israel. A beautiful village surrounded by nature, the nature that encompasses most of my life is one of my greatest inspirations. Building concepts with dry and fresh materials based on nature, memories, and emotions.

Concepts With Dry and Fresh Materials

I love taking walks in the fields and collecting branches and dry botanical materials that I find on my way. Building concepts and ideas based on memories and emotions give my works a special meaning. I strive to combine dry botanical materials with fresh flowers and thus bestow them a new life by creating a symbiosis between techniques and emotions. As an EMC Conscious Creative Designer, I like to experiment. 


Floral Headpiece With Phalaenopsis and Lisianthus, Mimosa and Gypso on Thursd
Photo: Osher Partovi


My Latest Floral Fashion Design

I would like to share with you my latest floral fashion design created for a customer who is a professional photographer.
When we talked about the idea and concept, it was clear to me that I would create 2 different designs for this project:

One design I discuss in this blog would be something that clearly expresses the feeling and idea of "acceptable" beauty.
Everyone likes looking at classic and beautiful designs. It’s something that is common and from my experience, people love to see it. In this design, I choose a color palette of - pinks, greens, and some yellows. 
The design combines different textures and proportions. The visual tension that makes the design interesting to the viewer’s eye is achieved by directing the flowers upwards and downwards in a few soft colors.

Model With Headpiece in Pinks and Greens and a Touch of Yellow on Thursd
Photo: Osher Partovi



The techniques used here are traditional wiring techniques. Wiring the flower stems, and wrapping them with wet cotton wool. 
Covering the wired stem and cotton wool with floral tape. Merging the wired flowers. For me, it is to sculpt with flowers.


Headpiece Photo by Osher Partovi Flowers Orit Hertz on Thursd
Photo by Osher Partovi - Flowers Orit Hertz 


Spontaneous Creativity

From time to time I am doing spontaneous designs which are fun. But most of the time I build concepts and ideas that tell a story by the means of colors, textures, and floral combinations.

I love to create and try how it all looks with my daughter. She loves to get a floral headpiece or some jewelry. And so these are some tryouts. 


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Orit Hertz

Passionate Floral Designer, Florist


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