Last Mile Delivery Options for Florists and Wholesalers

Instead of relying on the current supply chain, businesses should focus on other last-mile delivery solutions

By: SAHID NAHIM | 23-08-2021 | 3 min read

Last-mile logistics, also known as last-mile delivery, is the final stage of transportation, whether from a supplier to retailer or from a retailer to a customer. Usually, it refers to transport from a warehouse or distribution center to a business or customer.

Last-Mile Delivery in the Floral Industry

The last year has proven difficult for last-mile logistics because of the rise in e-commerce and the shortage of labor supply because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Delivery options have become harder to source and more expensive because of this shortage. Last-mile solutions have always been the most expensive part of logistics, often accounting for more than 50% of the total cost. COVID-19 has magnified last mile challenges for flower industry logistics and the players involved.   Last Mile Delivery Options for Florists and Wholesalers Flower Delivery   This is made worse by last-minute orders. According to the Society of American Florists, almost 50% of flower orders on Valentine’s Day are made on the day itself. Florists have to be able to scale deliveries to accommodate these orders. They’re not the only part of the floral supply chain that’s facing logistical issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted logistics in the floral industry as a whole because of labor shortage. Last-mile delivery logistics for every sector has been disrupted, from farm to wholesaler, wholesaler to florist, and florist to customer. To later save your relationships with your customers you can consider integrating your call center solutions. Instead of relying on the current supply chain and facing issues, businesses should focus on other last-mile delivery solutions. We have discussed some of the most reliable options in the business below.   Last Mile Delivery Options for Florists and Wholesalers Uber


Uber uses a non-asset-based model to leverage the sharing economy. This is one of the most popular and convenient last-mile delivery options since it’s readily available all over the world. With their business delivery services for packages under 50 pounds, Uber makes same-day local deliveries possible without compromising speed. For larger packages and more comprehensive logistics services, Uber’s Freight service is unrivaled. Their use of technology, streamlined business model, and 24/7 service are perfect for any business looking for a reliable last-mile delivery option.   Last Mile Delivery Options for Florists and Wholesalers Flower Delivery


DropOff offers businesses custom industry logistics solutions so that their needs are met exactly. In addition to being an on-demand service, they offer API integration and scalability and are an efficient and reliable logistics solution. What we love most about DropOff is their ability to deliver stellar service no matter the season. In the floral industry, where seasonality dictates demand, this is an essential feature.


Urb-It offers multiple shipping solutions for a variety of industries. Their expertise across these industries and in the world of logistics makes them the perfect last-mile delivery partner. Whether you’re a huge supplier or a small retailer, Urb-It can deliver items on time and in great condition. In addition to same-day deliveries, their services also include instant deliveries, nominated-day deliveries, and specific-time deliveries.   Last Mile Delivery Options for Florists and Wholesalers Urb-it

How to Optimize Last-Mile Delivery

Since last-mile delivery costs are considerably high, it’s integral to find ways to offset them. The best way to do so is by hiring a floral industry logistics consulting firm like New Bloom Solutions and working alongside them to figure out efficient and profitable logistics solutions for every step of the supply chain. Chat with us here to further discuss optimizing flower industry logistics.

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