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With over two decades of cross-segment experience, I've witnessed the flower industry's metamorphosis first hand. From the introduction of digital commerce, social media, and venture innovation—I have a clear understanding of the limitations, and the opportunities available to the stakeholders of our markets. ​The segments of our supply chains are strictly fragmented, in ways that can at times inhibit our own growth potential. For many outsiders coming in, 'disrupting' our long-standing processes seems almost too easy. However, New Bloom was founded on a firm belief that it is those that best understand each corner of this industry who will be most apt to transforming inefficiencies into innovation—and delivering long-term, sustainable growth.

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Floral Education Expanding Your Floral Business: Insights for Growers and Distributors Join me for some important tips and tricks about business in the floral industry along with important marketing strategies.
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Sep 27 | 4 min read
5 Top Tips for Working With Flower Industry Consultants These professional tips can help you take your flower business to the next level.
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Cryptocurrency in the Floral Industry More and more millennials and younger generations of today are exclusively making financial transactions in the digital space which is allowing them to enter the cryptocurrency world rather fast.
Nov 17 | 4 min read
Floral Events Fleur-aissance - A Flowers & Fashion Night Out This was a welcome surprise that highlighted how different industries can join forces to create exceptional and innovative events.
Oct 19 | 4 min read
Floral Education The Importance of E-Commerce Services for Wholesaler Flower Suppliers From cold-chain logistics to floral e-commerce, the industry has been embracing technology and the advances that have been made.
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5 Difficulties The Floral Supply Chain Encounters These are the top logistical problems in the supply chain the floral industry is facing in 2022, as said by Sahid Nahim.
Jul 04 | 3 min read
Floral Events Floriexpo 2022: An Insight Into NA’s Largest B2B Floral Industry Event Wholesalers, suppliers, and distributors were seen at this year's Floriexpo event. Read more about how Floriexpo was an amazing networking experience in this blog.
Jun 28 | 6 min read
How It Works Common Assumptions of Your Outdated Website Why you need to upgrade your old website.
Jun 01 | 3 min read
eMerge Americas - The Premier Tech Event in Miami "I found startups and innovative products or business ideas that might translate well to the floral industry, and decided to ask them a few questions."
May 11 | 5 min read
How Floral Industry Wholesalers and Distributors Can Create and Engage Prospects If you’re in floriculture, flower industry websites can help expand your business prospects and improve your marketing strategy. Find out how here.
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Remarkable Floral Industry Trends 2022 - Best Colors, Styles, and Designs for the Flower Industry These trends are going to affect the entire year and impact your business, making it essential to be aware of them.
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How It Works 4 Ways to Ensure Success in the Floral Industry The floral industry is highly competitive. These tips are some of the ways you can drive your floral business to mainstream success. 
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Valentine What Does the Floral Industry Have to Look Forward to for Valentine’s Day: Pros and Cons Since so much goes into this holiday, Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the most important occasions in the year for everyone in the floral industry.
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The Evolution of the San Francisco Flower Market "I’ve always been fascinated with its history and progression over the years."
Jan 14 | 14 min read
Floral Education Online Marketing Trends the Floral Industry Should Embrace It's time to embrace digital marketing opportunities and these floral marketing trends can be game-changers for your flower business.
Jan 03 | 4 min read
Dried Flowers Pampas Grass Trends and Why It’s Here to Stay Known for its billowing stalks, silky plumes, and overall wheat-like appearance, this is one of the floral industry’s most enduring trends over the last few years.
Dec 03 | 4 min read
How It Works Must-Have Website Features for the Floral Industry You don’t need to close down your brick-and-mortar store, but it’s a smart move to take advantage of the floral e-commerce boom.
Nov 18 | 2 min read
How It Works Trends in Retail Floristry Since these change every year, keeping up with them is important to know where to focus your efforts to ensure your business blooms.
Nov 08 | 3 min read
How It Works Using SEO to Increase Your Floral Sales With such fierce competition in the floral industry, one of the ways to stand out is by using SEO to your advantage.
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How It Works Improve Your Floral Industry Website on a Budget When it comes to florist website design or any kind of floral industry website, there’s always room for improvement. Learn how to do it on a budget.
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Wholesale Flower Business in China Moves Forward The success stories so far and the challenges ahead
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The Importance of Floral E-Commerce Services for Florists Why it’s not enough to simply have an online presence
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A Quick Synopsis of the North American Flower Market The history of wholesale flowers in the U.S.
Sep 01 | 3 min read
Last Mile Delivery Options for Florists and Wholesalers Instead of relying on the current supply chain, businesses should focus on other last-mile delivery solutions
Aug 23 | 3 min read
Floral Logistics in a Post-COVID World From shipping time to costs, flower industry logistics have undergone a huge change since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
Aug 19 | 3 min read
The Definition of a Florist - How Has the Profession Evolved? See how the profession of the florist has evolved over the years
Aug 05 | 3 min read
Floral Industry Supply Chain Technologies About the latest technology that help you tackle the complex floral industry supply chain
Jul 07 | 2 min read
Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business These web design services are both innovative and cost-effective
May 11 | 3 min read
Design Thinking Within the Floral Industry A human-centered approach that is based on empathy and innovative problem-solving
May 05 | 3 min read
The Importance of SEO in the Floral Industry Why SEO is essential if you want to be found online and key for floral e-commerce
Apr 28 | 5 min read
Website Tips for Floral Wholesalers and Distributors How to optimize your floral wholesaler or distributor website
Apr 21 | 4 min read
Roses Innovation in the Floral Industry: Speaking Roses It wasn’t a surprise when someone combined flowers and personalization
Mar 31 | 4 min read
How It Works How Company Culture Can Help Your Business Bloom Here is an insight into what is company culture and what you can do to improve it.
Feb 25 | 5 min read
5 Floricultural Lessons Learned in 2020 Which valuable lessons has doing business during a pandemic taught us?
Feb 01 | 4 min read
Marketing During a Time of Crisis Our efforts in the floral industry need to be magnified
Jan 06 | 3 min read
Top 5 Challenges Faced by Flower Distributors While Importing Flowers How a well-organized network of industry experts works in symphony
Dec 29 | 4 min read
Why Instagram Marketing Is the Future for Florists Learn why posting flowers on Instagram is the best thing you can do for your business
Dec 16 | 3 min read

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