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By: EDWIN KIRWA | 22-05-2024 | 3 min read
Floral Education

Since the inception of Thursd, almost 5 years ago, the platform has evolved to be the most-read online magazine within the floral community. Today, Thursd is globally regarded as the most effective tool to create product or brand awareness and marketing in your target market segments.

One year ago, myThursd was inspired by blogger content, which involved a collaboration between growers, breeders, and floral creatives to create cutting-edge promotional content on Thursd. It has been one year of rigorous testing, tweaking, and innovating to optimize this revolutionary software, touted to change the floral industry in ways yet to be imagined!

Join the Movement, Be the Change

The movement is more than a call to action, it is a culture. When I joined myThursd full-time a few months ago, as their Customer Success Manager, I was intrigued by the prospect of doing something new, yet also scary. Thus far, I am convinced that we are creating a movement of plant and floral lovers, who are passionate about spreading the joy and power of fresh plants and flowers globally.

Which better way to foster the adoption of this movement, than joining forces in myThursd. We are creating a future floral ecosystem where access to flowers and plants is possible, with only a few clicks.


Florist Kazi Sagar, posing next to a design he did for advertiser HilverdaFlorist


It is no doubt that myThursd is your floral meet-up spot and yes, it is. Within the platform you have access to growers, breeders, wholesalers, or traders you couldn’t easily connect, and collaborate with in the past. As a creative, you have an opportunity to gain access to novelties, work with them, and do meaningful work for the advertisers, while getting paid for it in the end.

One Project at a Time, Incremental Change

With one project at a time, you sign up and be counted as the ambassador for transformation within the floral industry. By helping an advertiser achieve their set objectives for a project, you help them promote and position their brand and products effectively.


Zbigniew Dziwulski is a proud  member of myThursd


However, in the process, you gain an opportunity to network, share, and contribute positively to the quest for floral and plant consumption globally! These incremental changes will catapult all of us to the future we have envisioned for the floral community.


Together we can change the flower industry


Become an ambassador of change, sustainable and impactful change by helping us test myThursd immensely, pitch on active projects, and interact with advertisers. Not only pitching though, but you also have an upcoming event and you need help with flowers, myThursd can help you with that. Just publish your project on myThursd and we will rally Thursd’s content partners and advertisers on myThursd to register their sponsorship towards your event.

Share myThursd With Your Network

How do we create a tribe that shares the passion and commitment you radiate for the industry? Through inviting them to be part of this journey, so that they can experience and be inspired and eventually recruited into the movement.

Share myThursd with your network, explain to them why they should be part of the community and together we will change the flower industry, one project at a time, and in every connection we will create long-lasting transactions.


Printemps Palladien
Floral arrangements from Tesselaat Alstroemeria during Le Printemps Palladien


Join me in this noble task as we revolutionize how we connect, collaborate, and transact within the floral chain, and become a member and an ambassador of real change by joining myThursd today!


Featured image by @Red Lands Roses.

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Edwin Kirwa

There is the right kind of flower; with a befitting shape, texture, color, and scent for the exact sentiment. However, without strategic market positioning, and collaboration such a flower will never get to its target clientele on time.

I passionately love channeling you as the breeder, and grower to the right floral designer or florist collaboration to bring that novelty to the right market, well-packaged to suit your preferences and the quality thereof.

Luckily, we have a platform dubbed My Thursd, which can do exactly the magic for you, with access to a pool of talented, influential, and reliable floral creatives around the globe, let's revolutionalize the approach and strategy behind product positioning, marketing and branding in your target markets.

Let's connect to talk about this exciting and valuable platform.



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