A Weekend of Floral Wonder at Le Printemps Palladien

Looking back at two wonderful days and an exciting floral competition at Syam Castle in France.

By: THURSD. | 15-05-2024 | 6 min read
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Le Printemps Palladien

How do you cram an abundance of floral festivities into just two days? The organization of Le Printemps Palladien succeeded in doing so. You can imagine: there was never a dull moment at the Château de Syam. Here's a report.

Le Printemps Palladien

Many floral events take place in a concrete building, like in a flower auction or a dedicated convention center. Not Le Printemps Palladien. In the majestic beauty of the French Jura mountains lies the romantic Villa Palladienne - Château de Syam, a 19th-century Palladian-style villa. The villa, together with its vast forest park has been listed as a historic monument since 1994.


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 alstroemeria design
A colorful Alstroemeria design


And as if the idyllic setting isn't already beautiful enough... famous artisan florist Gaétan Jacquet and his team of floral designers from BotaBota and his flower school DAMU have set this great stage for outstanding floral designs, including a florist competition.


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 quote Gaétan Jacquet

Le Printemps Palladien 2024 Gaétan Jacquet workshop
Gaétan Jacquet designing during one of the many workshops and demonstrations at Le Printemps Palladien


Floral Art Everywhere

Under a bright sun, the 6,000 visitors to the event were able to walk by countless floral designs spread all over the estate. A large amount of major flower and plant breeders and growers linked their names to this event, like De Ruiter, United Selections, Könst Alstroemeria, Kapiteyn Captain Calla, Bredefleur, Tesselaar Alstroemeria, Alexandra Farms, Decofresh Roses, Just Chrys, and Red Lands Roses. Add a number of talented floral designers from Gaétan Jacquet's network and DAMU floral education and the result was an astounding display of floral beauty.

Gaétan Jacquet comments:

"It was an exceptional weekend. The emotion is immense but I can't find the words to tell you how grateful and happy I am. Sharing and mutual assistance between floral professionals. All the players in the horticulture professions were brought together for a single goal: to make visitors’ eyes shine.

There is already a lot of feedback from visitors but also from florists and horticulturists. They came to see us in large numbers, more than 1,000 on a total of 6,000 visitors. This is exceptional, especially since this was just our first edition!"


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 calla design
Callas from breeder Kapiteyn Captain Calla in an artful design


Next to all the floral spectacles, there was a market with local art, food, flowers, plants, and sundries, showing the Jura region at its best. Many people took home a bit of this beautiful mountainous French province.


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 market
The outdoor market


And in the mansion itself, every room was decorated with fitting floral arrangements, exuding a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 lilies design
Lilies and roses design


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 rose gallery
The rose gallery with roses from breeder De Ruiter


Last stop: the caves, where the spectators could go on a discovery tour to enjoy the splendor of some big floral designs and witness in a separate room the four final designs by the floral competition contestants.


Rose dress at Le Printemps Palladien
Rose dress


Floral Competition - The Palladium Flower Cup

Nine florists made it to the final round of the Palladium Flower Cup finals at the floral event in the French Jura. They were utterly tested with no less than four assignments:

  1. A Wedding bouquet — using chrysants as a basis — that should show a link between the Asian and European continents.
  2. A Musical assignment — using roses as a basis — showing the emotion of a piece of music to say goodbye.
  3. A floral crown — using lilies as a basis — showing a historic and imperial crown that must be wearable.
  4. A big table decoration — with a free choice of flowers and greens — fitting to the majestic environment of the Syam Castle.


Palladium Floral Cup chrysant designing
Task #1 for the Palladium Flower Cup: a chrysant wedding bouquet.


There was an expert jury of Benoit Dumollard (best French artisan florist in 2023), Florence Recoura (florist teacher), and head of the jury Benoit Saint-Amand (holding the prestigious title 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' since 2015). They meticulously assessed each design for its art, technique, and adherence to the brief.

On Sunday afternoon, after long deliberation, the jury announced the winner of the Palladium Flower Cup.

The Winners

After nine hours of creation, the contestants could only be proud of all their magnificent compositions and hope to become the first-ever winner of the Palladium Flower Cup. This was the top three in the end:

1st prize: Elvina Etievant

2nd prize: Gwendal Antroupe

3rd prize: Luce Bour


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 participants
All nine competing florists (including the three prize winners), the jury, and the event's organization committee.


A Weekend of Floral Joy

Altogether Le Printemps Palladien was an extraordinary event during which you could stop by beautiful large floral decorations, watch the exciting floral art competition, attend workshops, stroll over a rare plant and artisan market, watch an equestrian show, and eat good food. All in the cozy setting of the magnificent Syam castle. A full weekend of floral joy for all the 6,000 visitors.

The organization has already promised a second edition next year, and the first sponsors have already applied. It looks like this event has made a brilliant head start and will only start growing over the years to come.

Gaétan Jacquet:

"I took immense pleasure in organizing all of this. Everything wasn't perfect but that's normal for a first edition. Most important was the joy and living up to some incredible results. I am the happiest florist in the world, I am proud of the teams of volunteers and also proud of the partners who trusted us. We have spared no effort in promoting their production.

I am also impatient to start the programming of 'Le Printemps Palladien 2025' which will this time take place over 3 days and 2 nights: the 31st of May until the 2nd of The theme will be 'The Venice Carnival'; a subject that offers us the possibility of highlighting the shapes and colors of flowers and plants."


Le Printemps Palladien 2024 Decofresh rose design
Design with Rose Deep Purple from Decofresh


Le Printemps Palladien 2025

Right after the last visitor left the premises of the Palladian Villa, Gaétan and his team started planning for the next edition. Still full of energy and inspiration, Gaetan states:

"A touch of emotion is in me because it's over but the impatience for the new programming is there too.

I dedicate my life to promoting floricultural professions and I find it fulfilling to tell myself that I do this out of love for these professions. I hope to be able to go even further in 2025 and allow even more people to benefit from the bridge that we have created between consumers, florists, creators, and all other horticultural professionals."

For sure, you are now on your way to your agenda blocking this weekend in 2025. See you there!


Le Printemps Palladien 2025 banner



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