Love Yourself and Make Dreams Come True

Words that have been with me for some time.

By: ZBIGNIEW DZIWULSKI | 02-04-2021 | 3 min read
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Love yourself and make dreams come true - these are the words that have been with me for some time. We live in a constant rush, often forgetting about ourselves, about what we once dreamed of when we were small children or teenagers. I consider myself lucky to find my place on earth. I love what I do and working with flowers gives me great satisfaction.   Quote-Zbigniew Dziwulski    

Selling Emotions

Flowers can often replace a thousand words to express what we feel, what we think. Sometimes it feels like I'm selling emotions, not flowers. Thanks to openness to people, thanks to conversations with clients, I get to know their needs and I am able to capture what they expect. Thanks to this, they often come back to my florist. Flowers, despite their fleeting beauty, have enormous power, they stay in our memory for a long time - the first flower from a boyfriend, a dream wedding bouquet, flowers for the birth of a child, a bouquet for the 1st wedding anniversary, or flowers for an apology ...   Love Yourself and Make Dreams Come True - Blog on Thursd - Zbigniew Dziwulski (1)  

Education: The Way to My Dreams

When running a flower shop, I am also aware of the need for continuous improvement and development. Participation in workshops, shows, fairs, but also raising your qualifications. One of my dreams was the Mariola Miklaszewska Academy. This dream comes true because I am a student of the Master Floristics class.   Despite the difficult times of the pandemic, we are able to continue our education, learn and improve floristic techniques, and deepen our theoretical knowledge. Mariola Miklaszewska is a titled master of floristry and a recognized international florist judge, and at the same time inspires us to discover our own possibilities.   Love Yourself and Make Dreams Come True - Blog on Thursd - Zbigniew Dziwulski  

Easter Design

It was during the classes at the Academy that the presented works were created. The subject was a composition in a spring / Easter vessel. I decided to play with the colors of 2021 according to Pantone. The composition took an asymmetrical form. The vessel was also not accidental. I tried to choose the flowers so that they had a different texture and a slightly different form, so here we have spherical craspedia, ranunculus but also oval anthurium or small flowers of the orchid oncidium The whole is complemented by gray additions in the form of stachys leaves, dried strelitzia leaves, or brunia (bruniaceae).  

This Arrangement

The second composition is a kind of small floral installation, also on Easter theme - as a decoration for a hotel foyer, reception, office, or home interior. The oval part is made of polyurethane foam, appropriately cut. The flowers are in test tubes. And the proportions are definitely elongated, exceeding the golden ratio in floristry.     Love Yourself and Make Dreams Come True - Blog on Thursd - Zbigniew Dziwulski (2)  

Future Classes

I look forward to the next classes at the Academy. Thanks to the knowledge I am gaining, I can also share it as a teacher in a school for adults - a Szkoła Policealna Pracowników Służb Społecznych in Lublin where I teach floristry. My message is this - don't be afraid to dream! Thanks to dreams, we have the purpose and energy to act. So much needed in today's difficult times.   Love Yourself and Make Dreams Come True - Blog on Thursd - Zbigniew Dziwulski (3)   I'm Zbigniew Dziwulski, a florist from Lublin, runs a florist shop “Kwiaciarnia Grasz w zielone?” (“Do you play in the green?”)
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Zbigniew Dziwulski

Florist Zbigniew Dziwulski is a Floral Designer and the main representative of 'Kwiaciarnia Grasz W Zielone?', a flower shop in Lublin, Poland: "For the love of flowers, nothing happens without a reason. The most important thing in life is to have a purpose and passion. And follow these in your life."



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