Musical Lyra, Art Created from Recycled Materials

An arrangement meant to vibrate in your souls!

By: LAURA DRAGHICI | 25-11-2020 | 2 min read

Using Recycled Materials

As my design in the Scorched Earth theme, I chose to create an arrangement in the shape of a lyre - an ancient instrument that is meant to vibrate in the souls of the sensitive, to make them laugh or cry, as the case may be.   Musical Lyra Art Created from Recycled Materials - quote Laura - on thursd     I would love that the harmony of this lyra - made of materials that usually go to the garbage - makes people understand that beautiful things can be created from recycled materials, which can become "art"!   Musical Lyra Art Created from Recycled Materials 01  

Combining Recycled and Natural

Earth, our everyday home. It offers us food, shelter, and dream landscapes. It offers pampering for anyone who has the soul and time to observe, but let them understand! Many things and materials from what we use every day dirty, pollute and agglomerate our dear planet called Earth.     I used in my arrangement some of these materials that can be recycled and not thrown away: bubble wrap from packaging, cardboard that was meant to protect dishes, reused wrapping paper, wire, and dry natural elements. The combination of recycled elements and the natural elements used - willow, dried mimosa flowers, brunia beans, dried leaves, and lagurus - suggests the idea that these elements can coexist, just as people can coexist with all polluting materials if they know how to recycle them and protect the planet!   Musical Lyra Art Created from Recycled Materials 01  

My Creation

So, this is my design for Scorched Earth: From the bubble wrap I chose to create a heart in gold color, I also painted the cardboard circles gold to delight the eye, and from the wrapping paper, I created flowers. We used these materials to make an arrangement that touches the souls of those who do not understand that it is very important to protect our mother planet. Earth! Our everyday home! Let's love our planet, let's respect our planet, let's keep our planet clean and welcoming! And our planet will reward us tenfold! Best, Laura   Musical Lyra Art Created from Recycled Materials 01
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Laura Draghici

Laura Draghici is the owner of Romanian floral art studio Chic Fleuriste. Chic Fleuriste is specialized in creating enchanting and unique creations, like floral jewelry, designs for weddings and baptisms, and special floral arrangements.



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