My Art Piece 'The Edge of England' at Art in Bloom Milwaukee - Wisconsin

"I see the falling pieces as opportunities to check in with myself, and prepare to grow as a person."

By: LISA BELISLE | 21-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Two years of waiting for Art in Bloom Milwaukee has built an extreme amount of anticipation. The art piece that I chose: "The Edge of England" by Cornelia Parker has been a favorite of mine for five years. When we are selected as designers for this event our names are drawn and then we can choose an available piece on the board.

Art in Bloom - Milwaukee

In January of 2020, I was chosen very early in the lottery so of course, I jumped up and grabbed "The Edge of England " immediately! I have seen three interpretations of this piece and wanted mine to really stand out and have much more linear and negative space so you could really be a part of both pieces side by side.


Lisa Belisle - Art in Bloom - Wisconsin - on Thursd


The Story Behind My Design

I am truly grateful my business neighbor is a metal artist and could make a frame to accomplish my goal of a height of 48 inches. My designer’s intention changed immensely from 2020 to 2022. The Chicken Little Voice in our heads that tell us “The sky is falling and negative thoughts” was very pronounced when observing this piece after a pandemic. For all my life it has been chaos and dogging the falling boulders intended to take me out. I see the falling pieces as opportunities to check in with myself and prepare to grow as a person and leader as a new lesson is coming.


Lisa Belisle - Art in Bloom - Wisconsin - on Thursd


People's Choice Daily

After completing my piece many patrons had this astonished look on their faces when rounding the corner as my art and floral stood alone. Hearing people say “that is so creative! I love it!” was heartwarming and needed affirmation that my plan paid off. Listening to comments about how the floral I chose was perfect to replicate the rough and softness of the chalk pieces lead to winning People’s Choice Daily, three Second Places, and a Third.


Lisa Belisle - Art in Bloom - Wisconsin - on Thursd


Floral used: Hydrangea, Spray Veronica, Hyacinth, Rose, and painted Solidago

Lisa Belisle AIFD – Flora Elements Education and Design @floraelements

Lisa Belisle

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