My Salute to Nature

We humans cannot live without nature

By: TUBA OSKAN | 25-11-2020 | 2 min read

A Well-balanced Life

In order to maintain a well-balanced life on our planet we equally need four elements; earth, air, water, and fire. Lately, people living even in different continents have realized that nature can live without humans, but humans cannot live without nature.   My Salute to Nature by Tuba Belgin Oskan  

Disturbing the Balance

Disturbing the balance of nature with the invasion of ultra-technologies in the last decades has, unfortunately, started to cause very serious problems on our planet. It all began with air pollution and the end result is a very concerning climate change. Due to climate change, we have heavy rains that wash away the fertile layer of our precious soil, or we have no rain for months to nurture the same precious soil. Then comes the devastating forest fires damaging the same precious soil. In the end, we end up with scorched earth that urgently needs to get back to normal.    

Take Necessary Actions

If we don’t start to take necessary actions everything may tumble down faster than we think. What we require is the sustainability of all the sources we use. We know that consuming is the easiest, but we definitely have to get used to re-use, re-cycle, and for us as florists maybe re-create.

My Design for Scorched Earth

Therefore, in my design for 'Scorched Earth', I especially wanted to re-use all the materials I’ve used before like the wooden plate, the wire foot, and the metal plate. Whenever I design, I avoid using floral foam as much as I can. So, in this design, I preferred to create a standing bouquet with enough water sources in the tray. Lately, I love collecting all dry materials, and especially the autumn leaves. I piled the dried maple leaves into a garland in order to repeat the texture of the wood plate in the water. Last but not least the rosehip branch reaches out to salute the air. I hope we all start to salute nature...   My Salute to Nature by Tuba Belgin Oskan
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Tuba Oskan

Istanbul based floral designer Tuba Belgin Oskan, EMC, is originally an expert in Event Management. Therefore, attending classes of well-known masters like Gregor Lersch, Marina Bulatova, Bart Hassam and Tom de Houwer following a business of floristry school in London has allowed her to create floral decorations for private parties, luxury events, and weddings at first. Besides offering a full service of unique and artistic floral design for any occasion, her studio/shop, Natura Karma, is providing contracted services for hotels and restaurants as well. Tuba, personally enjoys styling for photo shootings, creating designs for floral exhibitions and stage demos. She holds a European Master Certification since January 2018.



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