Nature's Essence: A Nude Woman Adorned With Natural Flower Jewelry

Her nakedness, emphasizing vulnerability and courage, was transformed into a living work of art.

By: LAURA DRAGHICI | 28-06-2023 | 3 min read
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Nude woman with Vanda Orchids

In a picturesque landscape of an enchanting forest, where the beauty of nature meets artistic expression, we discover a story full of creativity and daring. A woman, her nakedness, emphasizing vulnerability and courage, was transformed into a living work of art, adorned with delicate jewelry made from natural flowers. This fusion between the human body and the abundant flora of the forest brings to the fore the deep connection between human beings and the environment.

Floral Art & Jewelry

Floral art and jewelry have always been expressions of beauty and femininity. Their unique combination in this revolutionary project brings to the fore the deep connection between a woman and nature.

By using jewelry made from natural flowers, a symbolic link is created between the fragility and ephemerality of flowers and the fleeting beauty of the human body.


Laura Draghici Woman with White Sheet


Adorning the woman's body with floral jewelry was a magical experience. Each piece found its place on her body as if it were meant to be there. They moved with her, living and breathing, each petal seeming to whisper sweet secrets about the mysteries of nature. The coolness of the dark yellow vanda orchids against her skin, the subtle fragrance of the blooms, and the gentle rustle of the leaves created a sensory experience that left us all in awe.


Laura Draghici Woman in white dress against a tree


In her nudity, adorned with these delicate pieces of floral jewelry, she became a living piece of art, a testament to the beauty of the human body and the natural world. There was a sense of vulnerability yet strength, delicacy yet boldness. The floral jewelry didn't just decorate her; it became a part of her, revealing the intimate bond between humans and nature.

Emphasize the Beauty of the Woman's Body

The effort to create appropriate natural flower jewelry to dress a woman's delicate hands has proven to be an exciting and inspiring journey. I chose flowers that symbolically express different aspects of nature and emphasize the beauty of the woman's body. Each flower has been carefully selected to ensure harmony with its surroundings and to highlight the shapes and lines of the human body in an elegant and subtle way.


Laura Draghici Woman against a tree


To immortalize this extraordinary experience, a talented photographer was brought into the middle of an enchanting forest. The light filtered through the rich foliage and the vibrant color of the natural flowers created a perfect setting for this art project. Each photo captures the essence of the woman and the delicacy of the floral jewelry, all in harmony with the natural environment that surrounds them.


Laura Draghici Woman with Vanda Orchids


The result was a series of breathtaking images that encapsulated the essence of nature and femininity. The woman, bathed in soft, dappled light filtering through the forest canopy, radiated an ethereal beauty. The floral jewelry, with its vibrant colors and delicate designs, perfectly complemented her natural beauty.

Exploring New Boundaries in Floral Design

As the day drew to a close and the forest bathed in the warm hues of sunset, I felt a sense of profound satisfaction. This project had been a journey of discovery and creativity. It had taken me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to explore new boundaries in floral design. The experience reinforced my belief in the powerful connection between humans and nature and the beauty that results from this union.


Laura Draghici Nude Woman against a tree


In the end, our nude woman adorned with natural flower jewelry stood as an embodiment of nature's essence — beautiful, ephemeral, ever-changing, and deeply connected to the world around her. Her natural elegance and grace, accentuated by the floral adornments, offered a unique perspective on beauty, reinforcing that nature's charm is indeed the most sublime and captivating of all.


Laura Draghici Nude Woman

Floral jewelry by Laura Draghici Emc/Chic Fleuriste, photos by Julie E. Photography, make-up by Ioana Mateescu Make-up, hair by Corina Musat.

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Laura Draghici

Laura Draghici is the owner of Romanian floral art studio Chic Fleuriste. Chic Fleuriste is specialized in creating enchanting and unique creations, like floral jewelry, designs for weddings and baptisms, and special floral arrangements.



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