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Let people think of a charming pink lady, dancing in the air

By: VEN LAM | 05-03-2021 | 3 min read

Women’s Day is coming up on March 8th. The origin of this day can be traced back to 1908 when American women held strikes and demonstrations to protest against harsh working conditions and to fight for equal rights. To honor the anniversary of the strikes, the first Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States in 1909. My Design "Pink Lady" is to honor women.   Pink Lady - Blog on Thursd - Ven Lam

Women's Day Celebrated with this "Pink Lady"

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History of Society in Hong Kong

To this date, many countries are patrilineal societies, and the male surname is the backbone of the family’s economy and is the breadwinner. The advocation of women’s rights in Hong Kong can be traced back to 1843, where the first proposal to outlaw the polygamy system was made by the Hong Kong Council of Women. It took 128 years for the change to take effect and Hong Kong only adopted a monogamous system in 1971. The status of Hong Kong women has greatly improved, but Women’s Day is not widely celebrated to commemorate women’s achievement throughout history.

Women in Hong Kong

So on this day, I would like to celebrate the success and achievements of women in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city. People of different nationalities like to live in this small and crowded place. Compared with other places, Hong Kong women have achieved higher social status. There are many types of jobs held by women. We have female judges, lawyers, CEOs of listed companies. We have even appointed our first female chief executive in Hong Kong.

Increased Female Participation

With the advancement of women’s status, their level of knowledge and education is relatively high. Their income has also increased greatly, which has led to many unmarried/single and high-paid women. In fact, this will now bring a lot of impacts which is a very deep and study worthy topic in Hong Kong. As in many places with increased female participation in the workforce, there has been a drop in marriage and birth rates.  

Flowers as a Gimmick

With the advancement of women and their status, the flower industry is also evolving. With a reduced focus on the consumption of flowers on special occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Notwithstanding these changes, some places still use Women’s Day as a driving force for floral consumption to promote flowers as a gimmick, rather than the real promotion of equal treatment of women’s rights.

Gifting Culture

To empower women, we need to shift from the traditional gifting culture. Instead, florists can support the working women by creating everyday flowers that women buy for themselves or creating an experience for women like floral workshops. Flowers can be seen as a way of life, women can learn to make their own flower arrangements in order to reduce stress, work pressure, or simply to have fun with friends.

Let’s Celebrate Women’s Day and Enjoy the Day with Flowers!

    Pink Lady - Blog on Thursd - Ven Lam (2)

Pink Lady

The inspiration for this design comes from women, the shape of the gourd that’s obvious like a lady. I have spray glue all over and covered it with pink glitter. The symbol of the color pink is feminine, love, and delicateness. I've drilled a few holes at the body of the gourd for inserting flowers and simply add some Allium shaky ball head and mini Chrysanthemums. The focal flower is Lathyrus odoratus, which means fragrant and also very attractive. Let people think of a charming and hearty lady, dancing in the air.   Pink Lady - Blog on Thursd - Ven Lam (1)

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Ven Lam has a love for art since she was a child. She has a strong passion for design and color and believes that nature is full of mystery and vitality. Fascinated with the boundless possibilities of creation, her floral designs are a combination of art, color and life.



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