Rose Green Island Samoa - A Volcanic Flower

The florist of tomorrow will be the ambassador of pure emotions and Rose Green Island Samoa will be one of these weapons of mass seduction.

By: GAÉTAN JACQUET | 27-10-2022 | 2 min read
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A revolution has taken place in the hushed world of roses with the arrival of roses with new shapes. The rose Green Island Samoa is both a volcanic eruption, a flamenco dress, a desert of colored rocks, an exotic bird, a coral reef, a carousel ride, and a glowing summer sky, it is all that and well moreover.

Rose Green Island Samoa Distills a Retro Atmosphere

Personally, I see the convolutions of a lava flow flowing into the icy waters of the ocean, or the conflagration of a summer sky. The opulence of its petals could make its stem suffer but it is not so; she stands straight and proud despite her weight. At the same time, it revolutionizes our approach to warm colors by distilling a retro atmosphere.


Bouquet by Gaetan Jacquet with Rose Green island Samoa and gerberas


A Rose for Every Season

She is like a chameleon that changes colors; it adapts and transforms according to the styles, from the ultra contemporary to the English style through the classic. Seasonality is not its enemy. It weaves its way through the seasons, never anachronistic, always current. In winter with ilex and amaryllis. In spring with flowering buds and twigs. In summer with flowers with wild ambitions. In autumn with fruits and branches. Rose Green island Samoa is there everywhere and all the time.

Rose Green island Samoa Is for Every Occasion

From marriage to mourning to the everyday bouquet, the Green Island Samoa rose unfolds its frilly colors, sometimes to surprise, sometimes to dazzle.

She does not seek to be accompanied either. She also enjoys being alone in a vase as if triumphant over the years when roses in her style were considered failing and discarded. Nice revenge and welcome to the 21st century.



Editors note: Rose Green Island Samoa is a creation by Rosen Tantau, and is easily available at floral traders like Decofresh.


Decofresh Rose Green Island Samoa banner on Thursd


This Rose Is for the Florist of Tomorrow 

The florist of tomorrow will be the ambassador of pure emotions and the Rose Green Island Samoa will be one of these weapons of mass seduction.

The rose revolution is on!


Bouquet by Gaetan Jacquet with Rose Green Island Samoa

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