Share the Happiness With This Symphony of a Tulip Floral Design

It is my conviction that you can create something unique and interesting out of any flower.

By: LILY BEELEN | 16-01-2022 | 3 min read
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Tulips are playful flowers and I just love to work with them. Tulips bring you in a good mood because they have a cheerful appearance and give positive energy. I always love to create a tulip floral design.


Tulip Floral Design in 'Just Lily's Style' - That's Me!

In my work, I often opt for a contrast between modern shapes and natural lines. I truly love working with shapes, lines, and spirals/curls. A natural line, like a spiral, is what I like to use most. The spiral to me symbolizes life, the letting go, and the life cycle.

The contrast of these natural shapes and lines is the abstract form. Starting from a mathematical form, and from there designing and arranging, melting it together with flowers. I get my inspiration from all things around me. Nature, architecture, fashion, music, and of course talking and sparring with colleagues. It is my belief you can create something unique from all flowers. 

Lily Beelen - Tulip Floral Design - on Thursd.

Fusion of All Kinds of Styles

What I say to every floral designer is that you have to challenge yourself to develop further. Always keep looking for new materials and shapes. Learn from everything and everyone but especially, be yourself. That is my motto: Just Lily!

In my flower arrangements, I like to work with natural lines, referring to the Jugendstil designs from Alphons Mucha but also Antoni Gaudi (Sagrada Familia). They influence my arrangements. What I like to see in an arrangement are spiral shapes and organic forms. To not only see, but also feel it's all connected, like a symphony, rich in form, flexibility, reflections, symbolism, and of course, wrapping techniques. I think this reflects in the tulip floral design I created.

Symphony of Tulips - tulip floral design by Lily Beelen - on Thursd.

A Connection, Creating a Symphony With These Tulips

I like a challenge, and try to force myself to design that way, always with an eye for detail. And with a feminine touch. Humor is important for me to allow me to put things into perspective. In many designs, I see this. Hope you see this too in my tulip design.

Don't limit yourself, make choices, or use it all. Sometimes less is more, the unique property of the material comes to the fore. 

Tulip Time: Spring Fever

In my tulip floral design, I chose a wooden disc about 30 cm in diameter, of which the edge is 4 cm thick. Here you drill 10 holes with a speed drill suitable for glass tubes of 2 cm in diameter (length almost 20 cm). Through felting (Lehner Stylit) the tubes you can let it rest in the holes and position the felt so that the tubes float. The styrofoam circle that is glued underneath has a size of 12 cm in diameter by 7 cm. Here I glued pieces of felt in a random pattern. The edge is finished with a hollow pipe. Extra holes are drilled in the wooden disc where an aluminum wire fits. By turning these so subtly in different spiral shapes, a connection is created. The 10 tulips can be placed in such a way that they all come into their own.


Colorful Cheerfulness in This Tulip Floral Design

The Smithers-Oasis wreath is 40 cm in diameter. I processed: Asparagus Sprengeri, green Santorini, variegated tulips (about 40), variegated roses, (also about 40), Astrantia Major 25 pieces.

Just Lily's Style With a Symphony of Tulips in a tulip Floral Design

Pictures by Photographer Pieternel Clabbers

Translating emotions into Floral Art

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