Julia Rose floral artist
Florist Special With Julia Rose Creation is the motto of her life and what has taken her to become not only one of Australia's most distinguished floral artists, but renowned worldwide.
Christina Yan
Florist Special With Christina Yan of Bellevue Floral Co As Christina always says - "An event doesn't come to life until the flowers arrive!"
May 08 | 4 min read
Djordje Varda
Florist Special With Djordje Varda "I am a lover of flowers who channels loads of love through all my creations."
Apr 17 | 6 min read
Lily Caldwell and Mary of Grandirosa
Florist Special With Lil Caldwell of Grandirosa For all those flower lovers wanting to pursue a career in the floral design industry, Lil advises to "Go for it but do your research and get your hands dirty first."
Apr 10 | 5 min read
Yusif Khalilov
An Interview With Floral Creative and Artist Yusif Khalilov Today, he is based in Amsterdam and specializes in creating out-of-the-ordinary floral designs and structural art.
Mar 27 | 5 min read
Floral designer Glenn Arvor
Florist Special With Glenn Arvor He has an eye for flowers and design like no other. His creations are really out of this world!
Mar 20 | 3 min read
Bo Bull Florist
Florist Special With Bo Büll "I find my inspiration everywhere – in Copenhagen’s changing quarters and moods as well as in nature’s always surprising shapes and colors."
Mar 13 | 4 min read
10 Questions to Srikant Kanoi
10 Questions to Srikant Kanoi, a Bespoke Floral Designer "Teach yourself to celebrate the positives in others and avoid the rest; controversy amounts to no good."
Mar 13 | 8 min read
Carolin Ruggaber floral designer
Florist Special With Carolin Ruggaber She is fascinated by the relationship between man and nature and tries to bring the fragility of this very relationship into focus in her art.
Feb 21 | 4 min read
Casa de Perrin tablescaping decor
Casa De Perrin - Luxury Tablescaping With Flowers Founders Diana and Josh Perrin blend their life passion along with outstandingly gorgeous flowers to create unique experiences for their customers.
Feb 21 | 5 min read
Alstroemeria Sumatra
Giving Alstroemeria Sumatra a Special Place in My Flower World The peachy tone plus the perfection of its shape has made this flower one of my latest favorites.
Feb 14 | 3 min read
Brett Matthew John florist special feature on Thursd
Florist Special With Brett Matthew John Read more about this superstar floral designer and his conceptual floristry creations that impress anyone who sees his work.
Jan 31 | 7 min read

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