Lea Romanowski holding a globe with flowers
Interflora World Cup 2023 Canadian Competitor Lea Romanowski Canadian floral designer Lea Romanowski shares how excited she is for participating in such a massive floral event.
Floral Collages
Anastasia Kovaleva Creates Exquisite Floral Collages from Pressed Flowers Anastasia Kovaleva: Master of Pressed Flower Artistry. Creating stunning floral collages that capture nature's beauty in delicate, timeless creations.
Kate Rutter
Florist Special With Kate Rutter Her high-end design with the transformative energy of flowers has revolutionized the concept of floristry, redefining its meaning, function, and purpose.
May 24 | 5 min read
Dawn Weisberg florist of the week square feature
Florist Special With Dawn Weisberg Opulent, lush and wild — that is what describes Tularosa Flowers!
Julia Rose featured
Florist Special With Julia Rose Creation is the motto of her life and what has taken her to become one of Australia's most distinguished floral artists.
Renowned floral designer Preston Bailey featured
The Iconic Hollywood Wedding Planner Preston Bailey A renowned event planner also known as one of the worlds best floral couturiers tells you all about his career in the flower industry.
Jan 11 | 9 min read
Makotos Botanical flower sculpture featured on Thursd
Get Submerged Into Azuma Makoto’s Latest Botanical Sculpture in Japan’s Deep Sea What can we find under the sea? A recent floral treasure created by a Japanese flower artist of course! This design is trending and definitely a must-see.
Sep 28 | 3 min read
Different types of jobs in the floral industry featured on Thursd  (1)
6 Flower Industry Jobs That Are Not Being a Florist There's a lot more to the flower industry than you think. Know about different floral industry careers you may be a great fit for!
Sep 21 | 4 min read
Secret Formula of the Perfect Commercial Bouquet - on Thursd - Featured
Commercial Bouquet's Secret Formula These are the key elements to keep in mind when creating a commercial bouquet.
Share the Happiness With This Symphony of a Tulip Floral Design It is my conviction that you can create something unique and interesting out of any flower.
Jan 16 | 3 min read
A Floral Interview With Esther Weijenberg - Dutch Junior Champion A young florist, full of ambition: "The time was right to participate in this big challenge for me, ready for the competition."
Nov 18 | 6 min read
Chantal Post Dares to Combine Fresh Flowers With Dried and Lulu Eternal Roses After checking how preserved flowers actually get preserved Chantal knew for sure she would combine the fresh, dried, and eternal in one design.
Nov 11 | 2 min read

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