The 2021 Boho Wedding Style

This will be a great challenge in 2021

By: ANGELICA LACARBONARA | 25-11-2020 | 1 min read

A Distinct Soft, Romantic Feel

A bohemian wedding is like the pages of a mythical book enchanted in the woods. Boho weddings have a distinct soft, romantic feel that is earthy and inspired by nature and beautiful outdoors.   Boho Weddings by Angelica Carbonara  

Unconventional Lives

The bohemian or boho style is an exotic and personal style to furnish a living space. Boho is inspired by people who choose to lead unconventional lives as constant travelers, actors, and writers.     This wedding style brings flowers to the fore, all shades of earth tones - peach, ivory, white - accompanied by dried flowers and even feathers in the foreground of the pampas flower. This trend foresees a great quantity. Brides in soft flowing dresses, with antique lace details and flower crowns in their hair, both for the bride and guests. The flowers in this type of wedding take on fundamental importance with impressive decorative compositions. The bouquets are very elaborate and large, unconventional but still decorative, with little use of greenery, in the foreground flowers and dried flowers, feathers, and pampas. It will be a great challenge in 2021.   Boho Weddings by Angelica Carbonara  

Scorched Earth Colors

This design made was made for the Scorched Earth color palette, containing a range of colors with a link to sustainability.   Scorched Earth Color Palette 02
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Angelica Lacarbonara

Angelica Lacarbonara has besides a great flower shop in Martina Franca in Italy, also a floral design school; Agorà Fashion Flowers. She invites renowned teachers to come over to Italy to give classes. People like Leopoldo Gomez, Tom de Houwer, Moniek Vanden Berghe, and others. She also gives classes herself. From basic training to very specified courses, there are many different types of classes. Angelica also teaches online and provides webinars. Angelica is convinced a florist has to keep on learning throughout their professional life and educate themselves. It is a continuous process and never-ending. For a florist ‘education is food for the soul’.



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