The Flower Revolution of Belarus

I believe flowers are stronger than bullets, love will save the world

By: OLGA GAYDUKEVICH | 19-08-2020 | 2 min read
Belarus is going through a political turmoil, a revolution. As in many revolutions of the past, flowers play an important role as signs of peace. The Flower Revolution of Belarus

Flower Power

An incredible example of Flower Power was shown in Belarus. In a very hard time for our country, women stopped violence of police against people demonstrating the endless love, standing with flowers along the main roads. Dressed in white they greeted all cars with flowers and cars answered them with signals. This peaceful protest against president dictator Lukashenko was named "Flower Revolution".    

Atmosphere of Love and Support

For five days in every city of Belarus women of all ages, even the pregnant ones, or with babies on her arms were standing all day long with flowers up. The atmosphere of love, support, and peace appeals to every heart and calmed down the aggression. The farmers, the flower shop owners, all people who have gardens brought flowers to women. The goal of this peaceful protest was to prevent a possible civil war because all the country was ready to fierce resistance following the brutal political arrests, and torture of people, numerous violations of human rights. Peaceful actions were supported by the whole country, and there was a parade of freedom with almost 200,000 people in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Flowers and white clothes became a symbol of humanity, love, peace, and freedom.   The Flower Revolution of Belarus

Flowers Speak

I’m a florist from Roza Azora, and for me, flowers are very meaningful. My flowers are like human characters and they speak to each other, like comics heroes.     And here are “political flowers” that show the situation in the country. I believe flowers are stronger than bullets. Love will save the world!     Thank you for sharing this message!  
Flower Revolution of Belarus - Olga Gaydukevich on Thursd
Olga Gaydukevich



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