The Perfect Modern Vintage Wedding

It is time to fall in love with dried and bleached flowers

By: ANNA LAMOT-BACH | 26-08-2020 | 2 min read

Don't Panic

You know that I love flowers... I can say 80% of the weddings are postponed this COVID year. But what about the small wedding celebrations? Don't Panic ❤️. This is easier said than done but where possible try to keep calm and make some dried flowers bridal flowers.   The Perfect Modern Vintage Wedding   Across the world, couples change plans, dates, for their wedding day. In different parts of the countries, some flowers may not be available either for micro weddings or you can't afford to buy full varieties of flowers. So what to do...    

My Newfound Obsession

My newfound obsession with dried flowers has inspired me to do some bridal designs. A fabulous selection of dried and bleached flowers gives me the opportunity to make a beautiful long-lasting, stunning bridal bouquet. How sweet to think that wedding day flowers could be forever immortalized! This long-lasting small bouquet is not only for COVID micro wedding trends. Also if you are struggling with hot weather or your ceremony is located abroad, the bride can easily carry her bouquet on the plane.  

Time To Fall in Love

It is time to fall in love with dried and bleached flowers. They are perfect for vintage and modern weddings. Seed pods, dried fern, bleached ruscus, briza maxima, helichrysum italicum, lavender, with tillandsia usneoides or a mix of bleached flowers and tillandsia flowers making bouquet unforgettable.    

What Matters To You

• Prioritize what you're looking for: If you love it: start recommending dried bridal flower trends. • Upside down: Dry Flowers may be held both ways by the bride. • Switch It Up: Once in a while, switch up the combination of flowers. Play with structure, sizes, or colors. • Most importantly is: To have Fun.🌿     Photos courtesy of @natalialaubephotography. The beautiful model in the images is Wiktoria Mlynarczyk.
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Anna Lamot-Bach

International Championship 2010 from Poland 3rd place (Florint diploma certificate). Working and living in Ireland as a wedding decorator. Awards: 2014 Wedding Bouquet Category - Oxford 2019 Brown Award - category growing spaces International Designer of the year Fusion Flowers Magazine Over 20 years of experience in the wedding floral industry. Organizing weddings workshops in Poland since 2016. Published work in several Polish florist magazines and Russian floral magazines. Organized the 2018 Weddings Floral Trends Show for Oasis Floral Products in Warszawa (Poland) at Ptak Expo Warsaw. Did the Inspirational Show at Expo MTP Poznan for Oasis Smithers Products and Flora Life supported by Marginpar, Avalanche Roses, and Ansu in 2020.



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