This Xerochrysum 'Silvery Rose' Has Part of the 'Genuine Pink' Color Palette in One Flower

Pink is a color that smooths, that eases, brings rest, that shows equality.

By: DALIA BORTOLOTTI | 28-11-2021 | 2 min read
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In Canada, we have four distinct seasons. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. With the change of each season, I see changes in color, changes in the landscape, and changes in what is growing or not growing. Every season, I see something new. I create based on the seasons and what it renews in me at that moment. Nature reinvents itself, and this awakens my creativity. When the snow begins to melt and the green comes back into the garden, I begin to design with the same delicate flowers. During the summertime, I create with bold, robust blooms. It’s as if nature and I become one mind. That's the way I feel about this design with Xerochrysum 'Silvery Rose'.

Colors of Flowers Like Xerochrysum Renew and Rejuvenate My Creative Spirit

It was during a morning walk in my garden that the Xerochrysum bracteatum Silvery Rose (strawflower) glowing in the early morning sun caught my eye. These textural, delicate everlasting flowers were the inspiration for my bridal bouquet.

To give the bouquet some cheerful energy I incorporated Hydrangea paniculata Limelight, and highlighted it with small pink Dahlia hybrids and fuchsia Gomphrena haageana. I use a lot of textures in my designs and most often create in a monochromatic or analogous color palette.

Creating this bouquet for the virtual competition of Fleur Creatif was a personal challenge for me and I am pleased with the result.  


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Looking for Inspiration

Where do you look for inspiration outside of nature and the floral industry? Traveling! When I go to Mexico, for example, I see unbelievably vibrant colors used within its culture. It’s the same in India. In Europe, on the other hand, I am attracted to the aesthetics, styles, and different use of colors. I have had the privilege to be able to filter all these influences into my design aesthetics. The diversity is so impactful on my creativity. Dalia Bortolotti Ottawa, Canada


  This Xerochrysum 'Silvery Rose' Has Part of the 'Genuine Pink' Color Palette in One Flower - Blog on Thursd (3)



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