Helichrysum or Xerochrysum Bracteatum, My Aunt Called it 'Everlasting Gold'

Why I admire this golden everlasting flower with its crispy feel

By: REGINE MOTMANS | 27-08-2020 | 2 min read
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We used to call them strawflowers. They flowered in many different colors: pink, white, yellow, salmon, orange, red, and very dark red. My aunt called them everlasting g Some call them paper daisy, some everlasting flowers, or even immortal flowers. I admire them for their strength and for their weakness, for the colors and for the joy, I admire what they brought us, and bring us again.    

Paper Stiffed Petals

To be fair, this flower was away for a while in floristry. But now, with the new trend of dried flowers, it is a beautiful flower to combine. Even when used as a fresh flower, the paper stiffed petals will dry and retain form and color. The name changed to Xerochrysum after moving back to Australia in different cultivars. Here's a fun fact about the origin of that name: xeros = dry chrysos = old, yellow  


Golden Everlasting

Still used in many writings as Helichrysum, but the right name would be Xerochrysum Bracteatu. This stands for the "Golden Everlasting" and is one of the best known of the "paper daisies". In the "Golden Everlasting" we see the translation of the original Xerochrysum coming back.  It's a very widespread species and it occurs in both annual and perennial forms. The leaves are usually green to grey-green in color. Golden everlasting respond well to an assured water supply. The plants vary in their ability to withstand frost but most are at least moderately frost resistant. They can be grown in large pots or window boxes and is a good pioneer plant in the garden until other plants become more established. The flowers attract butterflies and other insects.  

Helichrysum or Xerochrysum Bracteatum - flowers over his shoulder - regine motmans blog on thursd
The Flower Cowboy and his Golden Everlastings
Helichrysum or Xerochrysum Bracteatum - man working in flower field - regine motmans blog on thursd
The Flower Cowboy in the flower fields

The Flower Cowboy

I visited the flower cowboy nearby. Dimitri Meuwis says it's all about the experience and the feeling that comes with it. He has a flower field where people can come and pick flowers. The strawflowers are very much loved by his customers. The crispy feel when you touch them makes it so special. And it's amazing to see how they evolve from fresh flower to dried flower and still retain form and color. These Xerochrysumflowers really are golden everlasting! - Regine

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Regine Motmans

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