Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden

Having a green thumb and being a dedicated dog parent doesn't have to be stressful, especially if you already have a list of flowers that are as beautiful as they are safe for your four-legged companion.

By: MIKE POWELL | 15-09-2021 | 6 min read
So, you love growing flowers and taking care of an adorable four-legged friend with relentless curiosity! Plants and flowers look amazing in and out of the house, but here's a drawback: Your dog loves to taste and smell things, and your plants and flowers always fall victim to their curiosity.

These Dog-Safe Flowers Will Be Loved by Your Furry Friends

It's important to note that this behavior is entirely normal. However, if your furry friend goes after toxic plants, it can cause adverse effects to their health. But fret no more, because we already did some of the legwork to figure out the best five dog-safe flowers that will add splashes of color to your home and garden. Ready to see your home in full bloom? Scroll further:   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden Pet-Friendly Flowers  


Do you love how freshly cut sunflowers look lovely on the living room center table? Don't worry, because these bright, yellow flowers are labeled as non-toxic for dogs, so you are free to grow them in any part of your house or garden. Symbolism: Sunflowers carry meanings in every culture, while most believe these flowers exude positivity, strength, admiration, and loyalty. In Chinese culture, sunflowers are believed to bring luck and long-term happiness, so they are usually given during graduation or when opening a business.   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden Sunflower   Care tips: As their name suggests, sunflowers need access to the sun, so make sure to grow sunflowers wherein they can soak under the sun. As for the soil, sunflowers aren't picky when it comes to it. But remember, they thrive better in good quality soil. Sunflowers can also attract local birds due to their seeds, so make sure to harvest them before the growing season ends, collect them, and feed them to the birds during winter.


Zinnias are arguably one of the easiest flowers to grow as they thrive heavily and quickly. If you want to add some pops of colors to your garden or indoors, then consider adding these beautiful, bright flowers. Some fun facts: they are edible flowers, often added in salads and tacos to add a colorful accent, and they were the first flowers to ever grow in space!   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden Zinnia   Symbolism: Zinnias mean affection, friendship, everlasting love, acclaim, and remembrance. With their bright colors and daisy-like flowerheads, giving zinnias to other people mean we're reminding them of the joy they bring to our lives. And since zinnias bloom from spring to autumn, it reminds us to never take the good things in life for granted. Care tips: It's highly recommended to grow zinnias from seeds planted in the garden bed, as they don't thrive when transplanted. However, seeds can be planted indoors. Just make sure to transplant them while they're still young and do it cautiously.


Snapdragons aren't only colorful, but they are effortless to grow from seed, given that the seeds are planted in full sun. In addition, they can grow in a variety of colors, which makes them great choices if you're on the lookout for tall, colorful additions to your garden. Symbolism: Snapdragon's name came from its appearance, which resembles a dragon's head when squeezed. It represents strength, as they can thrive in rocky, unlivable areas, as well as grace and deviousness.   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden Snapdragon   Care tips: Like Zinnias, Snapdragons can be grown from seed sown indoors and transplanted while young outside after frost. When growing seeds indoors, make sure to keep them 12 weeks before frost with the help of a seed starting kit. As soon as seedlings emerge after 8-14 days, place them on a sunny windowsill. Consequently, if you want to plant outdoors, select a location that has access to full sun. Place the seeds in well-drained, moist organic oil. Keep them well-watered, leaving the soil moist but not saturated.


Nasturtiums are people's favorite annual flowers to grow and foster for many reasons. First, they are edible and have a spicy flavor. They are also low-maintenance, growing in poor soils even without fertilizers. And lastly, they drape down beautifully in rock walls and garden boxes, which quickly add a burst of color in your garden or indoors! It's a show stopper and a conversation starter that your family, your furry friend, and guests will surely love.   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden Nasturtium   Symbolism: The bright warm colors of Nasturtium earned the flower's fame around the world. Nasturtiums represent patriotism and conquest due to the flower's shape that resembles a combat helmet. Additionally, others see these colorful flowers as symbols of optimism, sociability, optimism, and humor. Care tips: Nasturtium's ability to climb, sprawl, and proliferate from a hanging planter makes it an excellent addition or accent to any garden. Their care requirements are minimal. In fact, they can grow on neglect! Just provide rich, fertile soil for lush foliage growth. Remember to sow large seeds of nasturtiums into their permanent location because they don't transplant well.

African Violets

Don't be fooled by its name—African Violets come in various colors, from blue to soft yellow, pink, and violet, among others. These flowers require minimal care and won't poison your playful dog, who might be awestruck by its vibrantly colored petals and fuzzy leaves. Symbolism: African Violets symbolize love, peace, faithfulness, and harmony. Many people have nostalgic feelings about these flowers because they are a favorite of florists and gardeners for many years. You may even recall seeing perky blooms and fuzzy leaves on your grandmother's windowsills.   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden African Violet   Care tips: African Violets are usually bought as live plants. They thrive best indoors because their leaves need to remain dry. Grow these flowers in bright, indirect light to achieve lush blooms, particularly a north-facing window. If you don't have an ideal spot on the windowsill, you can grow African Violets under 40-watt fluorescent or grow lights that hang 12 to 15 inches above. When watering, keep the soil moist to semi-dry and allow soil around roots to dry out before watering again. Keep water from touching leaves as it will leave brown spots.


Having a green thumb and being a dedicated dog parent doesn't have to be stressful, especially if you already have a list of flowers that are as beautiful as they are safe for your four-legged companion. Add any of the mentioned dog-safe flowers to make your home, garden, and life bloom in color and happiness.   Top 5 Dog-Safe Flowers for Your Home and Garden  

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