The Beetle Effect

The perfect example on how floral design and etymology fuse together.

By: JONAS DE VESTEL | 16-06-2020 | 1 min read
Floral Art

In the past few years, I collected a decent number of butterflies in almost every color you can think of from all over the world. I sell those mainly to florists, photographers, and other people, who look for butterflies who are just perfect in design, shape, color, and quality. I recently started doing designs with the casings of beetles as well. Johan de Vestel The Beetle Effect

Fascination for Entomology

When I was nine, I visited the Natural History Museum in Brussels. When entering the impressive insect room, I was in awe. Such beauty. Here my fascination for entomology began. The beauty and diversity of these creatures really impressed me. It did something with me.


The Wow! Effect

The casings of the beetle Sternocera was a thing of beauty on its own. These beetles are considered a delicacy in Thailand and the wing casings are the rest product and used by me to create the vases who made me kind of famous. The casings really give the Wow! effect.


Johan de Vestel The Beetle Effect

A Meticulous Job

These vases are available in three iconic shapes and sizes. Custom made and covered with the wing casings of the Sternocera aequisignata beetle. A meticulous job, because when gluing the casings, they tend to move a bit when they cool down, so I have to adjust them all the time so that when the glue hardens they are in the right direction. Each vase is hand-made with a lot of attention to detail. For me, this is the perfect example of how floral design and entomology fuse together.

Johan de Vestel The Beetle Effect
Picture credits: David Hoffmann
The Future

At this moment I am exploring new ways to make use of this material to create new design products as the demand for these vases grows.


Johan de Vestel The Beetle Effect

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Jonas De Vestel

Jonas De Vestel is a Belgian freelance floral designer based in the Netherlands who has definitely made his mark in the floral industry. Not only by making flower arrangements and working on floral projects such as high-end weddings across the globe but also with his beautiful insects


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