Why I'm a Fan of Anian Friedrich

Watch these beautiful Easter designs by this young up-and-coming florist who is currently pursuing his calling.

By: ERKO FEIGL | 24-03-2023 | 2 min read
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There are stories that life writes. And paths that must probably cross. This blog is not about myself or my work. I take the opportunity here to introduce a new star on the horizon, Anian Friedrich.

Anian Friedrich

Anian Friedrich is a young up-and-coming florist who is currently pursuing his calling in beautiful Prien am Chiemsee in Germany. At Rother's Blumen-Paradies, a myFlorist member, he caught my eye last year while passing by at a photo shoot.

A nice report on Bavarian television about our job - that had the motto "Is it worth it" - reminded me of this moment. Anian is a young, reserved, or almost introverted young man who obviously has the fire in him. The fire that is so important for this profession - to explore limits, to break new ground.


At IPM Essen

And I saw him again at IPM Essen this January. On stage for a competition to take part in Eurofleurs 2023 in Slovenia. What can I say – he won and can go to Slovenia representing Germany. Congratulations from the heart at this point once again.

So a few weeks ago I had the idea of doing a special shoot at Lake Chiemsee together with the wonderful flowers from Heemskerk Flora BV from Rijnsburg, Netherlands.

The theme was Easter, in classic church colors. White and yellow and otherwise no specification. Just do it, was my motto. Be creative and show what you have in mind on this topic. So Anian sacrificed his day off and despite a fever, he was showing what came to mind on this topic.

There is one more detail. Anian used pages from his Grandma's old Bible for the paper bags on the workpiece. I find this a nice idea to interpret the theme of Easter.


I'm a Fan

In autumn Anian is going to the Master School in Stuttgart Hohenheim - and I'm sure that we'll see a lot more from Anian. I'm already a fan!

Thanks to all the contributors. Such days always fill my heart with joy.



Follow Anian Friedrich's Instagram to keep track of his work and progress.

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