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Chrysal Compostable sachet is our well-known flower food in a 100% industrial compostable packaging. The wellbeing of the environment is becoming ever more important. At Chrysal we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to a better environment. This is why, after extensive tests with multiple materials, we are happy to introduce a compostable flower food sachet. The sachet is produced from 100% industrial compostable film made from 2 organic layers. This means the sachet can be thrown away together with your garden and organic waste. The sachet is fully industrial compostable in 12 weeks' time; just as quick as a banana or orange peel. Our flower food keeps flowers more beautiful up to 60% longer. The Chrysal Compostable sachet comes in a modern design, in line with our new branded flower food packs. Watch this 1-minute care tips video about the compostable sachet.

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