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Calla Captain Beretta

Flower Callas

About Calla Captain Beretta

Has vivid colors and long flower shelflife


Calla Captain Beretta

Calla Captain Beretta is a flower that almost matches the perfect black color. The dark purple undertones in this zantedeschia make it beautifully off-black.

The Captain Series

Calla Captain Beretta is part of the Captain series that is characterized by its big flowers, vivid colors, and long flower shelf life.

Calla Care Tips

  • Use a clean vase
  • Flower food improves the life of your flowers significantly
  • Cut the stems a little with a clean knife or secateurs
  • Don’t place your flowers in a draught, in direct sunlight, or near a source of heat
  • Refill the water when it gets 'cloudy'
  • These flowers are sensitive to ethylene gas. Don’t place the flowers near fruit or vegetables
  • Take dying or slimy flowers out, so they won't infect the others


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Kapiteyn is a breeder of several bulb flowers, such as callas, tulips, hyacinths, and lilies. Every product in its assortment has a reason and was specifically selected for its top qualities.

Captain Calla

Kapiteyn is the name-giver of the famous Captain Calla series. These flowers and pot plants are distinctive because of their large chalice.

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