Lisianthus Corelli Yellow

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About Lisianthus Corelli Yellow

Lisianthus Corelli Yellow

Corelli Yellow has strong fringed petals and beautiful lime-green buds creating an almost luminous effect.

The Corelli Series

Corelli is the lisianthus series that echoes the grandeur and elegance of the baroque era with its top branching and excellent vase life.

Lisianthus Care Tips

  • Cut 2-5 cm off the stem with a clean knife or secateurs
  • Use a clean vase and flower food liquid or powder
  • Remove the lower leaves, so they don’t hang in the water
  • Keep your lisianthus away from ripening fruit, draught, and direct sunlight
  • Regularly top up the vase with water and flower food when the water level decreases to about 1/3rd

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