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Spray rose Ivory Flow creamy white and has a wonderful scent. This very special cream spray rose has a flower shape with wavy petals. Its scent makes this spray rose unique. Very suitable during the wedding season, but with its sparkling touch and appearance it can also be beautiful as a solo flower or combined in bouquets.

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Interplant Roses is most proud of its rich history in rose breeding. For decades we have been one of the world’s most prominent rose breeders. And we are always looking towards the future. Which rose varieties will stand out from the crowd in 10 years to come? Only vision can supply the answer to that question. Our vision arises from our shared know-how and close relationship with our customers. Vision, Innovation and Mutual Growth epitomise the philosophy Interplant Roses brings to serving its worldwide customer base with a wide range of top quality rose varieties. We originally came to prominence as the first rose breeder to develop Spray Roses. Innovation is the heart of our business and our daily mission. Within our location in The Netherlands we make over 100.000 crossings a year, creating exciting new rose varieties. The initial testing of all varieties takes place in our greenhouses in Holland. We use sophisticated computer software to assist us in the hybridization of new rose varieties. However, the most important element Interplant Roses adds to this constant quest of optimization is our know-how and skills obtained over many years of breeding. An excellent team of highly qualified and experienced professionals form the backbone of our innovative rose breeding company.
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