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Still Life Ceramics is a studio and retail shop in Downtown Los Angeles - focusing on local artists, classes and workshops for all levels.

Ana Henton and Mel Keedle are co-founders in the joint venture Still Life Ceramics. Each brings her individual talents to the table: the partnership benefits from Mel’s experience as a potter, shaping clay on the wheel according to rigorous demands; and Ana’s training as an architect that engenders her constructivist approach to silhouette, volume, and space. Both have highly attuned senses to color and equally participate in glaze development and selection.

Still Life Ceramics perceives itself as a modest size production studio and workshop that generates a production line of functional housewares and a yearly art collection. Ana elaborates: “From my architecture background I tend to look at each collection as a project. There is a concept, a narrative, an inspiration that drives the look and feel for the collection of year. Once we make the main pieces of the line then we start working through the process of production.”

By focusing on small batch production, the partners are able to meet the needs of their clients who are often chefs, designers, and boutique labels. Through an exchange of ideas and collaboration at each step of the process, Ana and Mel are able to create unique product lines customized to the client’s needs.

Dtla pottery production studio, open for classes and workshops. Summer classes include: 1 month and 2 week courses also 1 day workshops for all levels

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Still Life Ceramics Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021, Verenigde Staten

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