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Szkoła Florystyczna Małgorzaty Niskiej

I think we all agree that a world without flowers would not be entirely itself. It would be much more difficult for us to show joy, gratitude, apologize, or express these most important feelings... The world is full of people for whom flowers are an important part of life. Perhaps soon you will also want to join them. We are honored to invite you to cooperate with us. Unusual, because its protagonist will be a new, still little-known art in Poland - "Floral Design".

Our Advantages

We look at the world with greater panache - we are interested not only in flowers but are also fascinated by life. If we only knew about their varieties, our knowledge would be too modest. Therefore, we are interested in culture and trends. We want to be close to people to be able to make the greatest floristic dreams come true. We are constantly looking for new and broader views because we believe that a broader perspective allows us to reach the best and most unusual solutions. We are taking one step forward. Good enough designs are fun... but not good enough - we believe you can do more, for something design! This is what we will get out of you, and if you expect more, we expect more from ourselves. Our goal is to go beyond your expectations. We actively cooperate on a wide spectrum - we are aware that the team achieves success. We build partnership relations with commitment. We invite the best creators of this trend from all over the world to cooperate with us. We are a school that likes to work together in many areas necessary to create a floristic world...


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Szkoła Florystyczna Małgorzaty Niskiej Szkoła Florystyczna Małgorzaty Niskiej, Kampinoska 22, 05-092 Łomianki, Polen

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