60 Stores in One City - a Flower Shop Like No Other

Istanbul Çiçekleri may be considered a pioneer in the field globally and a unique enterprise.

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60 stores in one city Istanbul Çiçekleri

Presenting an unprecedented model with sixty branches scattered throughout Istanbul, this florist, known as Istanbul Flowers (Istanbul Çiçekleri), may be considered a pioneer in the field globally. Istanbul Flowers is a unique enterprise that not only manages its flower production independently but also engages female university students in its workforce, thereby contributing to a noteworthy social responsibility initiative. Istanbul Flowers exclusively employs female college students, the only flower shop known like that.

College Students Are in Charge

The managers of this venture are university students themselves. Istanbul Flowers extends employment opportunities to 180 university students, who, in essence, become the directors of their establishments. These female students, overseeing all facets of the operations in the stores, are provided with the means to bolster their educational foundations with practical experience in the professional sphere.


Istanbul Çiçekleri
Istanbul Çiçekleri


Flowers in the Heart of Civilization

The cradle of civilizations has now transformed into the haven of blossoms. Istanbul, an ancient city steeped in the imprints of millennia and having been a sanctuary for grand empires and various cultures, stands as an exemplar of unique splendor with its Bosphorus strait uniting the European and Asian continents. Presently, this city garners attention for its vibrant and diverse array of flowers exhibited in 60 locations across Istanbul, a testament to the vivacity of the metropolis.



The Beauty of İstanbul Flowers Lies in Their Freshness

The allure of Istanbul Flowers lies primarily in its freshness. A distinguishing feature of Istanbul Flowers is the central administration of all products found in its stores, commencing from the production phase to their final delivery. The paramount advantage lies in this streamlined approach. With no intermediary entities, flowers undergo quality assessments merely a day following their production and, thus, maintain their immaculate freshness throughout the entire process.



Every Product Is Specially Designed

Every single product is custom-designed. Another distinctive aspect of Istanbul Flowers is its practice of crafting bespoke designs for all its products. Istanbul Flowers stores are adept at offering exclusive, personalized designs for special occasions or moments when individuals aspire to feel distinctive. The elegance and sophistication of products, each named after Istanbul's neighborhoods and adorned with distinct color combinations, are truly a sight to behold.


Making Customized Bouquets at Istanbul Çiçekleri 60 Stores One City

With the impressive feat of expanding from the inauguration of its first store merely two years ago to a total of sixty stores today, Istanbul Flowers stands as the inaugural florist worldwide to possess such a vast network within a single city. The rapid accomplishment of this milestone correlates directly with its operational prowess.

By minimizing the duration required for the entire process, spanning from flower production to quality control and subsequent distribution to stores, Istanbul Flowers successfully mitigates the potential for damage to the flowers. The brevity of this process stands as the paramount contributing factor to the flowers' enduring freshness.


Team Istanbul Çiçekleri 60 Stores One City


The New Trend, İstanbul Flowers

Currently, Istanbul Flowers is at the forefront of fashion. Istanbul, a perennially appealing city that annually welcomes millions of tourists, serves as a rich source of inspiration for Istanbul Flowers. With its graceful and sophisticated design aesthetics, Istanbul Flowers has established itself as the principal influencer in street fashion, and its reach extends conveniently to 60 locations throughout the city, leaving an indelible mark on home and office interiors as the arbiter of style. Istanbul Flowers also was one of the main sponsors of the Table Design Exhibition, organized by KM Events and blue-chip.


Mr. Cüneyd Okul and His Wife Irem from Istanbul Çiçekleri 60 Stores One City
Mr. Cüneyd Okul and His Wife Irem from Istanbul Çiçekleri


Blooms Unfolding for 75 Years!

The owner of this expansive enterprise, Nema, boasts a heritage tracing back 75 years. Founded by Hikmet Okul and persisting through three generations, Nema is presently under the stewardship of Cüneyd Okul. The organization operates within state-of-the-art greenhouses encompassing an impressive expanse of 57,000 square meters, steadfastly upholding the same standards and innovative perspective. Nema remains steadfast in its commitment to the cultivation of flowers and the dissemination of nature's splendors to every corner of the city through an extensive array of products.



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