Corporate event with flowers
Best Tips to Thrive Your Corporate Event with Flowers & Accessories that Talk Business Elevate your corporate event with flowers and accessories that convey professionalism.
Phacelia Is the Cherished Treasure of Grower Maurits Keppel.
Maurits Keppel's Scoops - The Unique Sweet-Scented Phacelia A relatively easy-to-grow flower that thrives from late spring to summer and attracts beneficial insects like bees.
Flowers Cut Flowers
Apr 10 | 6 min read
The Protea Ayoba® Arctic Ice from Future Fynbos
Protea Ayoba Arctic Ice - A Rare and Regal Floral Masterpiece A unique flower whose pure white color is reminiscent of the icy landscapes of the Arctic region.
Varieties of Yellow Flowers and Their Meanings
Types of Yellow Flowers and Their Meanings All about 10 of the sunniest yellow flowers and their interesting flower meanings
Flowers Floral Education
Apr 06 | 8 min read
Ranunculus Butterfly™ Series From Grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
The Exquisite Beauty of Ranunculus Butterfly Series From Coloríginz A unique variety due to its single formed flowers and because the stems can carry numerous flowers each.
James François-Pijuan on a Mission to Restore the NYC Historic Floral District
James François-Pijuan’s Vision to Revive the NYC Historic Floral District The renowned florist is on a mission to rebuild the legacy of the famous hub of the New York flower industry.
Floral Education Flowers
Mar 06 | 10 min read
Floral Foam Is Bad as F**K !
Floral Foam Is Bad as F**K ! There's always an alternative for phenolic (plastic) floral foam.
Why You Should Avoid Artificial Flowers
Seven Reasons Why You Should Shun Artificial Flowers Though high-quality artificial flowers look almost like real flowers, in many ways, they fall short of the real thing.
Sustainability Flowers
Jan 03 | 10 min read
60 Stores in One City - a Flower Shop Like No Other Istanbul Çiçekleri may be considered a pioneer in the field globally and a unique enterprise.
Jan 03 | 3 min read
Yellow flowers
How Do Our Brains Respond to Yellow Flowers? What is in a color? There is a sense of hope and motivation to be more, it is a reminder that we are immensely capable.
Floral Education Flowers
Oct 25 | 5 min read
Flower shopping
Flower Shopping 101, A Savvy Consumer's Checklist Purchase your blooms like a pro; here is a guide on how to buy your bouquets conveniently and effectively.

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