Ai2 Rises to the Occasion at IFTEX 2024

Presenting itself as a cost-effective and secure payment platform for African growers and their European customers.

By: THURSD. | 29-05-2024 | 4 min read
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As an African grower getting your money from your customers costs money and time. There is always the insecurity that things can go wrong or be delayed during the financial transaction. That's why Ai2 was founded 17 years ago; a B2B payment platform by people from the floriculture industry with a special focus on this highly complex perishable sector.

After building their success in Europe Ai2 is gradually spreading its wings to Africa, helping growers to collect money from European clients. So, why not rise to the occasion and meet them at the 2024 IFTEX to see how your company can benefit from secure and fast money collection?

Ai2: The Easy and Secure Platform

René Fransen, founder of Ai2 has spent almost two decades making money collection and payments easier and simpler for both suppliers, such as flower growers, and their customers, such as wholesalers. One receives products from the other and wants information on what, when, and how. The other one wants information about when and how this is paid. That is no rocket science. But what truly IS unique about the Ai2 platform is how everything both parties need is connected, so everyone using it benefits.


Frank and Bart from Ai2 ready for IFTEX
Frank Grunder and Bart Fransen from Ai2 are ready for IFTEX


1. Benefits for the Supplier's Customers

For your customer Ai2 is safe, free, and automated.

When you're a supplier you want to let your customer exactly what he will receive. In the floriculture industry, this is usually done using a standard protocol in the form of a digital file. Ai2 supports all transactions with electronic messages such as EKT/DES ADV and EAB.

Your customer's computerized trading system can process these transactions and has no hassle at all updating its own stock. All information is right there available for the customer and avoids any miscommunication.

Note: If your supplier is an Ai2 customer and you are not yet, he can invite you. You will then receive an email with the invitation to create an account. You can also register yourself. This is completely free of charge.

2. Benefits for the Supplier Itself

For you as a supplier — suppose you're a grower — Ai2 is safe, easy, and cost-effective.

When you are a grower, you want to be able to see your orders and transactions at a glance. And don't be surprised by any transaction costs afterward!

After your customer has received your products, a payment is transferred into a suspense account. Because transferring money from Europe to Africa is quite costly, this payment is wired to your account once a week. You may also decide that the minimum amount has to exceed a certain amount before the suspense account pays you. Receiving larger sums at once can dramatically reduce the collection cost as a percentage of your turnover. Clever thinking by Ai2.

Your business is always directly with your customers. Ai2 just takes care of the money collection and offers extra services such as confirmation messages about delivery and payments, plus weekly and monthly overviews of all transactions.


Ai2 Infographic


Payment in Euros

The standard payment method on the Ai2 platform is in euros. This makes it easy for you as a supplier to reach the European market, especially the 'Euro-zone'. Just make sure you are able to receive euros as well and you'll be fine!

User Experiences

If you are not familiar yet with Ai2 it would be helpful to know how existing users experience this payment system. Here's what a prominent user has to say.

Ralf van de Wiel, director and co-owner of Global Flower Service; representative of ten Kenyan and three Ethiopian growers:

"We use Ai2 for various reasons. Firstly, no membership of Royal FloraHolland is required.

Furthermore, it offers fast payment, clear reporting, no transaction costs, easy implementation in our existing software and it is independent.

Ai2 is also cheaper compared to other collection services."


Ralf van de Wiel at airport with Porini boxes
Ralf van de Wiel of Global Flower Service


Ai2 at IFTEX

Bart Fransen and Frank Grunder from Ai2 will rise to the occasion and visit this year's IFTEX to meet with their customers and further explore the Kenyan market. Because the same applies to Ai2 as to African growers: There is still a world to be won! Therefore, if you are attending the IFTEX 2024, make an appointment to get in touch with Ai2 and connect.


Ai2 banner



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